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Kings and Castles CKC 1901

Samstag, 22. Juni 2019 | Dieter Arnoth / Johannes Geiger / Thomas Fellechner | Europa

Riding Day 10 - From Budapest to Vienna

Esztergom Basilica
Great picnic prepared by Joachim at the Pan European Picnic site of 1989
last border to Austria
Boot beer time

Rest day in Budapest

Jack is fine with the weather
Restdayround 390km, challenging Route, sometimes challenging weather. beautifull landscape and hiden treasures
St. Stephans Basilika
With the cable car up to Pest
The Chainbridge
Fisherman bastion
The central market
Freedom Bridge

Riding day 9: From Rajecke Teplice to Budapest

Like in the old school days. Always watching what your neighbour is doing
The lovely wooden houses of Cicmany with their bueatifull paintings.
There is always time for a siesta
Photo stop at Cicmany
Bojnice, the cinderella castle.
Castle of Bojnice
Thomas the picnic chef
The countrie list is finally completed. Hungary calling!
And when i say always, I mean always ...!
Crossing the Danube to Budapest with a ferry.
some little rain on the way to Budapest
Worldtourer shirt for ^Mexaussie^ Nick

Rriding day 8: From Krakow to Rajecke Teplice

at the Ende of an loooooong day we enjoy  the beautifull view to Awacastle

Lunchbreak in Slowakia
Wooden chuch in Debno
Inside the church. 77 different patterns with 33 different colours. All untouched since 15. century!
Our lovely coffee stop
Orava Castle looking like a birds nest at the top of the rock.

Rest day in Krakow:

Stunning Saint Mary's church (81m/266ft) with the Adam Mickiwicz Monument in the front.
Some horsepowers in front of the church ...
Krakow Cloth Hall - in the middle of the biggest main square of europe
Inside the Cloth Hall
Krakaow town hall tower (70m/230ft)
Inside St. Mary's
Another beautiful ceiling in St. Mary's church
Old city defense wall
Tiny lovely St. Andrew's church
Breathtaking art on the ceiling of St. Andre's church
Wawel square
Basilica of St. Stanislaus and Wenceslaus on the Wawel hill
Our Mexican's exploring the city together with Dieter and Johannes

Riding day 7: From Stary Jicin to Krakau

Birkenau - sad - no more to say
Lovely night walk downtown Krakau after dinner

Riding day 3: From Prag to Dresden

First time Mexican Phantoms entering Germany
Thanks Dieter for this delicious picknick!
The multiculti group entering Germany. Nik‘s home
Beautifull view to the Elbe
Viewpoint Bastei (sandstone rocks)
Evening walk in lovely Dresden

Restday ride Prag

Castle Karlstein
Excellent „rest day birthday ride“ for Bruce

Rest day in Prag:

the impressive astronomical watch

Riding day 2: From Budweiss to Prag

Daily Briefing.....best weather forecast....looking forward to the trip
Woody and the White brothers. Ready for takeoff
Our Mexican MC Club.... triumphant start to the day
Take Off to Prag
let's get startet to Prag
first stop in the small village Krumau
Mexicans in the bohemian forest
Small nap in the middle of nowhere
Buon appetito
Siesta time
the Australien/US/German group
ice cream stop

Riding day 1: From Vienna to Budweis

First daily briefing
Ready to rolll
coffee stop
in this fortress was King Lionhard in prison
crossing the danube with a small ferry
appelstrudel .... so yummi
one of the old boarders between the blocks (Nato and UDSSR).
Our beautiful hotel for the night <3
Budvar beer
Ale and Leo enjoying the market square
beautifull Budweiss
Mexican MC club enjoy the evening in Budweiss


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Charlie Green
Samstag, 15. Juni 2019 um 12:59

Hello Bruce & Craig
Looks like fun have a great tour


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