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Scotland and the Isle of Man

Samstag, 6. Juli 2019 | Dieter Arnoth / Julian Fischer | Europa

Day 8 - From Isle of Sky to Inverness

famous castle, seen in some movies and even in a short scene in game of thrones, who knows the name of it?
oh my deer, while motorcycling trough the wild nature happens a lot of things, but a wild deer with no fear of humans, didn't see that before, you?
our tour guide doesn't do selfies quite often, but this is worth one

Day 6 - Edinburgh to Glencoe

no riding day without a briefing about route, stops and safety tips

Day 5 - Keswick to Edinburgh

Falkirk Wheel - the world only wheelbased boat lift
view from sterling castle
if the weather is not that fine, we warm up inside...
after a long ridingday, its nice to get a room with view to the lake- in Scotland the call lakes lochs, even if they are connected with the sea
who recognized this valley- James bond was here before- skyfall
a picture of making a picture- good for remembering

Day 4 - From Lake District to Edinburgh

First stop at Castlerigg stone ring - 4500BC
Coffee stop
Hadrians Wall 124AC
Border to Scotland
Knight Julie visits Melrose Abbey
The heart from William the Bruce is here

Day 3: From Isle of Man to Lake District

Leaving the Isle of Man
Hartknott Pass

Day 2 - Isle of Man

Peel castle
Joey Dunlop Memorial
the well known jump bridge of the TT race
and the winner is....

Day 1: From Liverpool to the Isle of Man

with the ferry to the Isle of Man
the grand stand - where the TT race starts

Arrival in Liverpool

beautiful sunset in Liverpool - at 10pm


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