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The Best of Europe BOE1903

Sonntag, 14. Juli 2019 | Michaela Achatzi / Jürgen Leitner | Europa

Warth to Erding (Germany)

Don’t bring the wrong rain gear, Marcey!
Bob, Nielsen and Donn waiting in front of the Linderhof Castle
The beautiful garden from Linderhof
the Gang is waiting to get into Linderhof

Schaffhausen to Warth (Austria)

jep! we call this a lake
the so- called rabbit route!?
come on Darling, let me help you
special stop for the ladies
Top of Santis!!!
Looks like Marcey fell in love!!!
Lake Constanze
Happy birthday Sam
Happy birthday Sam
new day, new map, new smile!!!

Ribeauvillé to Schaffhausen (Schweiz)

Let`s get ready to rumbleeeee!!!
ding ding ding, round 2!!!
double made it always better!!!
MIchaela is ready to fly off
first stop at the Kandel with a nice view over the Rhinevalley
the best black forest cake
river at the coffeestopp at the Hexenlochmühle ("withholemell"
the Tourguides hanging around in the swing seat
it`s picnic time
Rhine Fall


the Canadian Ladies enjoy there restday after riding and shopping
The middle of Ribeauvillé
They were not lost.
i got an eye on you all the time

Heidelberg to Ribeauvillé( France)

Donna-rella let your hair down
Everybody arrived at the hotel and enjoies the boot beer
Sherry, Lisa, Dihanna and Lee at the Rhine Lock
Alan at the Rhine lock
Dihanna and Dan made there way through Rabedivabedi (Ribeauville)
Bob, Eric, Scott and Sherry seem to be very happy … of course it`s boot beer time
Sherri tries to ride on her own
Bob and Bob at the Mummellake (1056 m) on top of the black forest
Bill is very hungry
the gang enjoies coffee before we take off into the black forest

Rothenburg o.d.T. to Heidelberg

before it starts on the second riding day we gathered together on the market square of Rothenburg ob der Tauber
A beautiful monastary
Picnic is ready
Bob and Bob having delicious Apple and Cherry cake
mhhh… Alan and Lee cant wait to hav Picnic
the Rautzen Trio or Triple B

Erding to Rothenburg o. T.

everybody is excited cause finally we are going to take off but before…...
Daily Briefing
Looks like Ramon got a new Job, suites you really well

Welcome Briefing, Dinner, Sightseeing and Birthday

Kurt, Lee, Lisa, Sherridan and Sam at the guided City tour through Munich
Happy Birthday Neil

What a great tourstart !!!
the keys and the insurance papers are ready to be handed out
very important informations….so please listen carefully
the bikes are ready, are you ready too? than we can start


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