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Riding North: Adventure North Cape ANC190A

Mittwoch, 28. August 2019 | Marko Bauer / Axel Gert Schneider | Europa

Tank you for the great Tour

Every trip has an end, so this one too:



But the end of a journey is the beginning of the next !!!



And we hope we will hit the road togehther again!!!

Thank you in the nam of Edelweiss Bike Travel and Marko and Axel

The final day to Tromso

Day 12: Enontekiö - Tromso


The last day of an exciting journey through the land of the Vikings.


Today we went from cold Finland back north to Norway. The day started with a warm 5 C outside temperature and we should also be lucky this time. Because the weather has been getting better every kilometer. Today the journey itself was along the Finnish - Swedish border, so we took the chance and made a detour to Sweden befor we continue to our journey towards Tromso. The landscape was a strong contrast to the last days, because we met on wide open countryside. Once we crossed the border to Norway, the road changed and we plunged into a corner Eldorado again. 


Norway had us back again.  After a refreshment in the sight of the Lynger Alps, the trip to Tromso went on and also the end of our journey came closer. Once the motorcycles were parked, we went to the hotel to get refreshed so that we are ready to explore the beautiful city of Tromso.


Another Day was gone and the fearwell dinner was not so far in the future waiting for us.

along the boarder up north - the weather gets better and better
Finnland total different to Norway
a quick look on the other side - Sweden here we are

welcome back in Finnland
ones again the Lyngen Alps
Tromso Harbor

A small final word

As one says so beautifully at Edelweiss bike travel: The end of a tour is the beginning of the next.
This thought accompanied us through the whole menu at our closing meal today.
Impressed by the country of the Vikings and the warmth of the Norwegians, we reminisced and everyone talked about his highlights of this tour. The flashbacks were riddled with gorgeous roads, amazing nature experiences, funny moments and one of the nicest things that happen on our tours - we became a small family sharing one of the most beautiful hobbies on earth - riding a motorbike.
The trip of this family is unfortunately already over but the plans for a next tour are already on the rise.
Marko, Kim and Me (Axel) are looking forward to our next tour and adventure.
At the same time we would like to thank you for an unforgettable time.
So well - time to say good by and almost close to saying hello again
Mr. Fang is ready for Finland

DAY 11: Lakselv - Enontekiö

We rode north through Norway for 10 days, now it's time for a change. In the meantime, we have reached the region of the Sami. A good chance to see their traditions is the Sami museum in Karasjok, the Sami capital.

From here we headed west, Kautokeinö was our next stop, for lunch and also a visit to the very interesting art and silver store in town.

And just a few kilometers down the road, we reached the border between Norway and Finland. Thanks to the Schengen treaty, the passport checks are history. So we could easily continue to our destination in Finland, Enontekiö.

Almost briefing time
Last Check before we start to Enontekiö
Marko is ready to take of
Coming closer to the first stop
Welcome to the world of the Sami
There is always time for a cup of tea
Juhls Silver Gallery
We have reached the border to Finland!

DAY 10: Alta - Lakselv

ANC Tour guide Meeting at the North - Cap

Today is the day of the days !!!!


We rode to the North Cape. Our plan for today 431 km to the accommodation, but only 235 km to the highlight of our tour - the North Cape. On the way along the Porsangerfjord we dived into the land of the reindeer which stood in numerous trellises along the road. The journey itself started with the first highlight of the day the breakfast which gave us enough strength for the next hours to withstand the wind and weather. Despite the forecast that it should be cloudy at the Cape - we were lucky and were allowed to explore the North Cape dry foot. First we visited the visitor center. This impressed us with a movie and history and of course one or two Suvenians for at home. Now it was time for the legendary North Cape Globe - The End of Europe. The steep coast, the wind and the mighty cloud cover created a really impressive backdrop. We enjoyed the view and the landscape, before our journey headed south, because today's final destination is Lakselv.


At the end of today we will definitely fall into our bed and dream of the numerous reindeer and the incredibly beautiful landscape and the North Cape.


Unfortunately, there are only 2 days left and we reach Tromso - but until then there are still a few kilometers and our troop will enjoy every kilometer.



- what happens tomorrow, you'll read here tomorrow !!! So then, see you tomorrow at edelweissblog

Alta Museum - UNESCO World Heritage for a good reason

Day 9: Storslett - Alta

We have arrived at the "Base Camp", our last stop before we ride north until the continent ends. 

After a very quiet and cool night in our unique hotel overlooking a gorgeous fjord, we started to ride a bit later than normal. The distance for today's ride was fairly small, in order to have a bit of time to relax for the long day tomorrow. The ride was beautiful nevertheless. The usual mix of mountains and fjords, this time mixed with quite a bit of wildlife - we saw a lot of reindeer today, only Santa was missing...

Just before we reached Alta, our last stop before the North Cape, it was time to add a bit of history to our itinerary. The first museum took us back 75 years to the time of WWII - the museum tells the story of Europe's largest battleship ever built (until this day), the German Tirpitz. It took a few tries by the allied forces, but finally it was severely damaged in a fjord very close to Alta.

Even more impressive is the Alta Museum, where you can see a huge number of rock carvings, similar to the petroghlyps in America. The big difference is that these rock carvings are up to 6000 years old!

Now we are getting ready for our dinner - and then we need to get some rest for tomorrow...it's THE DAY!

Watch out - oncoming reindeer
Mr. Wei and Fang at the Tirpitz museum
Northern Lights Cathedral in Alta

Day 8: Harstad - Storslett

Lyngen Alps along the way

Motto of Today: A big step closer to the North Cape


Today it was time to say goodbye to the Lofoten. But the farewell was not too difficult because today we went on the E6 and 87 further north. Sounds not so exciting but once out on the road from Harstadt over the impressive Tjeldsund Bruges awaited us the impressive coastline of Vagsfjorden. Because the coastal road as a highlight is not enough at Edelweissbiketravel, we had the pleasure to traverse the Lyngen Alps as well. The description of this scenery is difficult for me, so think sometimes the  pictures speak for themselves much more better then any word i cut use . In between there, we the visit the polar zoo in Bardu and on the lunchtime we stoped at the hotspot himself for every salmon and fishing fan. The journey went to the famouse Malselv waterfall which is a 110 km long river where thousands of salmons climb every year up. After the strengthening, our journey continued northwards where we crossed the valleys and became one with nature. Last but not least, today's tour took us back to the coast of the Lyngen and Kafjordes, which culminated in our final destination, Gildetun, high above the Kvaenangen fjord overlooking the island of Skorpa.

Finally i can can only say: the last 428 km were worth every meter and now we are only 2 days away from the North cap !!!!

Malselv waterfall
Malselv waterfall
Lyngen Alps
The place to stay tonight - Gildetun -
Skorpa - just one more brethtaking few
North Cap we are coming
This is the real life - no photo-shop!

Day 7: Svolvaer - Harstad

We have been on the bike for 6 days in a row - not surprisingly, everybody was a bit tired this morning. So we decided to take it easy today and went straight towards our destination Harstad. But even the direct route was full of beautiful sights and scenery. Colorful lakes, fjords and mountains lined the way, every once in a while disrupted by a kilometer-long tunnel. Halfway through we stopped for coffee, and then we continued all the way to Harstad. After a light lunch, we had the rest of the afternoon off - a little stroll through the city center, a short nap...and now we are ready for another Norwegian meal!

Ran Yang is ready for more mountain roads
Mr. Wei, Fang and Kao in incredibly colorful scenery
New bikes - old house
Chao Feng on the way to Harstad

Day 6: Bodo to Svolvaer (Lofoten)

Utakleiv Beach

Today brought us the ferry after a 3 hour ride from Bodo to Lofoten. Our curiosity increased with every nautical mile because we knew that 80 islands, which are connected with beautiful roads and bridges, were waiting for us. Once arrived, our eyes went from left to right and from bottom to top. Because the Lofoten drew us immediately into its spell. The high mountains with their bright green meadows and the numerous bays with small beaches and small fishing villages let us almost forget that we are in Norway. The flair of Lofoten should have been experienced once in your life. To summarize, one could say it something like this: if you marry the Alps with the South Seas and the two would have a child, then it would be called Lofoten !!!


So would you like to have winding roads along a shoreline accompanied by high mountains?

In addition to the desire to have fine white sandy beaches then probably the ultimate answer Lofoten.


I believe this day we will have a long time in memory.

Goodbye Bodo
fishing village Reine
Reine with his nice little fishing house on side of the center
Breathtaking view on a sunny ☀️ day
Utakleiv Beach - the place where dreams made of
New friends along the road
The view out of the rooms
Our place to stay - Hotel Anker ⚓️ Brygge- Lofoten-Inseln

Day 5: Sandnessjoen - Bodo

The Polar Circle - most people have only heard about it and relate it to the endless ice and freezing temperatures. Well, for us it was exactly the opposite! Until this morning, some of us had only heard about it as well, but at lunchtime, we were all right there, at 66°33' North! What was not there were the eternal ice cover and the freezing temperatures. We could see snow in the distance, but the temperatures reached stunning 28°C! The experience of being at the circle was still very unique - step one on our way to Europe's northern tip!

The remainder of the day had some wonderful mountain roads for us, but with the still climbing temperatures (we eventually saw 33°C), we were happy to reach the beautiful city of Bodo in the afternoon, where the surrounding water ( and the hotel air condition) brought the temperatures down far enough so that we could go and explore the town!

Ran Yang mastered the Helgeland-Bridge
We have reached the Polar Circle!
There is some snow near the Arctic Circle!

DAY 4: Overhalla to Sandnessjoen


Today the day started in the Namdalen Valley in Overhalla and we were allowed to enjoy a scenic and winding road to Holm. On the road itself, the eyes were always a little bit on the edge of the forest to sift the one or the other moose  - and that should be rewarded, the first moose of the tour was considered proudly in passing.

After the first picturesque and especially beautiful roads we met on the coast of Holm our first ferry, which brought us after a short sunbath well to Midland. Once there, our next highligt was not that far away.

The journey took us to Hildur's Urterarium. Known for its herbal and flower garden, we fortified ourselves with fresh ingredients from the garden before enjoying the sun in the green garden of the Uterarium.

After a long sunbath our trip took us to the next ferry and the next part of our tour through a beautiful coastal landscape to meet our last ferry which brought us a little bit closer to our final destination of today. The crossing gave us another perspective on the coastal landscape which seemed more impressive every second. Once landed in Tjotta, we went through the last 40 km of bays, sheep and mountains to our hotel where a 3-course menu was waiting for us and we will not forget it so quickly (very tasty).


So day 4 is over and the group and the guides are already looking forward to day 5. 


lining up for the first ferry in Holm
Overhalla to Sandnessjoen - ferries day
meeting in the ferry
Uterarium - herbal expirienc of the day
The hidden treasure of The Uterarium
The chef is taking car of his ingredients
The herbal garden of the Uterarium
simply flowers in the sun
the best way to see Norway - on an Edelweiss Bike !!!!
looking forward to the other-side and keep on going
the landscape speaks for hisself

Day 3: Trondheim - Overhalla

After a wonderful evening in Norway's third largest city - full of students, bars and restaurants - we were ready for a another riding day. Today started with a new experience: the first ferry ride. A wonderful change to see the country (or rather water), with a lot of opportunities to take photos. We rode alongside many fjords, lakes and rivers - the scenery was once again nothing less than breath-taking.

Lunch was also quite special today - a small restaurant right at the shore of the ocean. The fish soup was excellent, just like the homemade bread served with it.

The final part of the ride to our hotel in Overhalla was quite different than the morning ride - lots of forests, more lakes, and temperatures which climbed to more than 30°C! Summer in Norway!

The ferry to Rorvik
Norwegian scenery
Time to ride again - after a wonderful lunch

Day 2: Sunndalsora - Trondheim

Today we started in Sunndalsora after a good breakfeast towards south east in the direction of Oppdal. After the first 70km, surrounded by another breathtaking green valley and on side a small winding river named Driva we stopped for a coffee and enjoyed the great sun on the porch. From there on we hit the road into towards north in the direction of the town Meldal. On the way we stopped at Lokken Verk for lunch and it was not only lunch. The place Bergmannskroa is an old mining area with an over 200 years old mining history where they digged for copper. Well after recharching the batteries we took off to Trondheim where we had a really nice winding road along the coastline - the road was just like a good dessert after a menu SWEET. Befor we reached our hotel - the Radisson Blue in Trondheim, we stopped close by the beach of Bosberg where we had a smalle unplanned fotoshooting. After the shooting we hit the last winding kilo-meters to Trondheim where Marko already organised the rooms and our parking-spot for the bikes. And now it´s time for the City of Trondheim - sightseeing and a nice Asian restaurant are expecting us.
Bergmannskroa in Lokken Verk
The unexpected fotoshoting

Pruduction Director







There was also a view of the next day because our journey towards the North Cape will continue tomorrow on the other side - Overhalla we are almost on the way

Day 1: Alesund - Sunndalsora

And we are on our way! The sun was out, the sky was blue - a great start to a wonderful ride. After a quick stop at the local Harley and BMW dealer we left Alesund to the east. The famous Rose Church was our first stop. A wonderful ride alongside the Norwegian fjords followed. The smell of strawberries - yes, there are strawberries growing here in Norway - forced us to try the Norwegian strawberry cake. The ride from here on was full of highlights: the narrow gorge of Gudbrandsjuvet, the switchbacks of the famous Trollstigen and the sheer mountain wall of Trollveggen - Norway is incredibly beautiful.

After lunch at Trollveggen we continued along lakes and fjords to today's destination, Sunndalsora...it's time for dinner!

The Rose Church
Strawberry cake - what a treat here in the north
Trollstigen - there are even more switchbacks than you see here!
Trolls are watching you

Our North Cape Adventure is about to begin. The bikes are ready to go, the weather is excellent and the North Cape is waiting. The first riders have already arrived - now we are just waiting for the rest of the group. A little briefing about the Norwegian history, culture and other things you need to know to enjoy this beautiful country will follow. Then the bikes will be explained and handed over - and then it's time for our first dinner with our new Edelweiss group.




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Dienstag, 30. Juli 2019 um 10:51

Hi Marko und Alex,

Fantastic blog with great pictures!! And the sun is with you. Have fun on your tour.

And Marko, I hope it will work out to meet Daniela and Stefan on your way. If you do, please say hello from my side, too
Axel Schneider
Montag, 9. September 2019 um 22:11

Danke dir
Frau Edlböck
Samstag, 3. August 2019 um 10:12

Liebe Angela, lieber Marko,
was fuer eine Freude und fast Zufall, dass wir Marko mit seiner Gruppe auf den Lofoten getroffen haben. Zum Glück hatte Marko wie auch die 2. Edelweiss Gruppe, am Kap besseres Wetter als wir. Bei uns war Sturm mit Windboeen und Nebel.....Ansonsten war bei uns Wetter ohnehin eher wechselhaft, Norwegen dennoch wunderschön. Generell empfehlen wir auch die Seereise mit dem Hurtigschiff, war unglaublich beeindruckend. Nun heisst es fuer uns heute Abschied nehmen von Norwegen. Faehre Color Line Oslo - Kiel, übermorgen Autoreisezug nachts Hamburg-Muenchen. Die Touren von EdelweißBikeTour sind (wie immer) sehr gut ausgetüftelt, die Idee beginnend in Bergen endend in Tromso, super. Nur zu empfehlen!! Viele Grüße Daniela und Stefan
Marko Bauer
Sonntag, 4. August 2019 um 12:13

Hallo Daniela,
das war wirklich unglaublich, dass wir uns mitten in der Weite Norwegens begegnen - hat mich sehr gefreut! Am Nordkap hatten wir wirklich besseres Wetter als Ihr - aber über 10 Grad warm wurde es bei uns auch nicht. Ungewohnt, nachdem wir die Tage zuvor immer fast 30 Grad erreicht hatten. Unsere Tour ist gerade zu Ende gegangen, so langsam machen sich alle auf den Heimweg.
Bis zum nächsten Mal, irgendwo auf dieser Welt,
Marko Bauer
Dienstag, 30. Juli 2019 um 13:47

Thanks Angela! Yes the weather is perfect, it just starts to cool down a bit!
Too late to pass the greetings though - I met Daniela and Stefan yesterday - quite a coincidence to be at the same spot at the same time in this huge country!
Warm greetings from northern Norway!
Dale Van Dellen
Dienstag, 23. Juli 2019 um 04:23

Lucky you.. you have one of the best tour guides, Marko. It was my pleasure to ride with him in South Africa. But my favorite all time ride was the north cape with Manuel and Michael. Enjoy Norway..
Marko Bauer
Dienstag, 23. Juli 2019 um 21:45

Dale, good to hear from you! And thanks for the praise We are on our way now - Norway is beautiful, the group is a lot of fun, the weather is awesome - life is good.
Greetings to Texas!
Stefan E.
Montag, 22. Juli 2019 um 19:39

Hi Marko, die Tour hört sich ja super an. Vielleicht treffen wir uns am Nordkapp. Wir sind gerade in Ålesound und mit den Hurtirguten noch Norden unterwegs. Das Bike ist im Schiff. Viele Grüße Daniela & Stefan (SA 2017)
Marko Bauer
Dienstag, 23. Juli 2019 um 21:38

Hallo Daniela, Hallo Stefan!
Schön von Euch zu hören! Da haben wir uns ja gerade verpasst, wir sind inzwischen aus Alesund abgereist - aber wer weiß, vielleicht treffen wir uns wirklich noch irgendwo auf dem Weg nach Norden - würde mich freuen! Und sonst halt auf der nächsten Edelweiss-Tour
Viele Grüße und noch einen schönen Urlaub,
Stefan E.
Mittwoch, 24. Juli 2019 um 21:39

Hi Marko,
wir starten ab 26.7. Nachmittags am Nordkapp unsere Tour nach Süden.
Viele Grüße Stefan
Marko Bauer
Mittwoch, 24. Juli 2019 um 21:59

Wir sind erst am 01.08. oben - ich werde mal nach euch Ausschau halten! Momentan sind wir in Trondheim - bei herrlichem Sommerwetter!
Gute Fahrt!


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