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St. James Way (incl.Vino, Tapas, Peaks & Turns)

Montag, 30. September 2019 | Pierre Baumgärtner / Michaela Achatzi / Paul Kustermann | Europa

 St. James Way (Tapas, Peaks & Turns) follows the pilgrem's path through north eastern Spain to the legendary city of Santiago de Campostela (the burial place of the Apostle Jacob). "El camino" (the way) is actually a vast network of walking trails throughout all of Europe which converge in north western Spain to culminate in the ancient sacred city. Since the 12 century people have been making this journey, establishing it as a significant European cultural heritage. It is a jorney which traditionally changes, humbles and inspires people for the sheer beauty of the many natural and man made wonders along its path through the Pyrenees and Cantabrian Mountains of nothern Spain and the "Royal" ancient cities of Jaca, Pamplona, Estella, Burgos und León. Inspired? Curious? We have set out on a motorcycle pilgrimage to explore the magic of this region. Here are some impressions of our adventure....

On the legendary trail from Pamplona to Santiago de Compostela

Most modern pilgrims chose the most arduous of "Caminos" starting at the French border in St Jean Pied de Port and walking over 800 kilometers (500 miles) for about 5 weeks to complete their pilgrimage. The stories of personal transformations that occur on this lengthy physical journey abound. Each one is fascinating. 

We, however, have chosen to take a 4000 km (3000 mi) loop on our 4-stroke-steeds approaching from the south. We will cross the "St. James Way" numerous times and experience as well all the beauties the country has to offer: mountain ranges, endless wine valleys, famous cities, silent and quiet villages, castles, monestries, and a lot of history and fairytales along our Tour.  

Yellow blue signs mark the path, The scalloped shell an ever recognizable symbol of humity. Originally the travelers used the scalloped shells as a cup for drinking...

Arrival in Madrid, Welcome Briefing and Dinner

Everybody arrived safely and on time. Some even came a bit earlier to take the chance to visit Alcala de Henares east of Madrid. Alcala´s most famous son is Miguel de Cervantes (*1547 - †1616) the author of "Don Quichote". On the main boulevard of the city you can visit his birthplace. 

Birthplace of Miguel de Cervantes

All prepared and set up for the Welcome Briefing

From left..Mary, Michaela, Paul, Susanne, Pierre, Steven and Minoo

Today a typical dish of Madrid was served, Bacalao stuffed with red pepper and shrimps..... what do you want more.....

Madrid to Soria

Steven & Minoo
Somewhere in the Mountains, we found a really nice spot for lunch...A hidden treasure and a very orginal place

Soria to Pamplona

Today was an extremely pleasant day, riding through the beautiful wine areas famously known as Rioja, Navavrra and Duero. Obviously we couldn't during the day while driving, but inthe evenings we always had a good drop of it and a lot of fun.....

Driving through the largest wine area in Europe...
La Rioja

Fastest Pit Stop ever,,,, we had a flat tire on the RT and within 15 minutes we got new "shoes" and were on our way...This record job was done at the BMW Garage in Pamplona...

Pamplona by sunset

Restday Ride Pamplona

Today we had a fantastic ridning day in terms of weather and breathtaking scenery. We started quite early so that we can spend some time in San Sebastian and in Pamplona, 2 very exciting and historical  interesting  cities...... Follow us  

In riders heaven, above the clouds of the Mountain ranges between Pamplona and San Sebastian.

Steven and Minoo

A lot of traffic here all kinds of animals.

Famous beach of San Sebastian at about 32ºC...

Of course we could not miss to stop by at one of the Tapas Bar.....eating these Pinxos....

Cervera de Pisuerga to León

Beautiful Leon at day

Leon at night
From inside cathedral in Leon


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Angela de Haan
Montag, 26. August 2019 um 04:39

Hi Mary, Steven & Minoo, Paul, Pierre, Michaela, and the rest of the group,

I wish all of you great rides in the beautiful north of Spain !!! I would have loved to be there, too. Love this area.
Always keep the rubber side down.
Best wishes from Peru,
Pierre Baumgärtner
Dienstag, 27. August 2019 um 00:43

Hi Angela,
thanks, we have a blast and are enjoying every single tapa and curve on this wonderful Tour.,-). Best regards from everyone and enjoy your stay in Peru.
Cheers Pierre


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