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Exploring Tyrol, Bavaria & Southtyrol from Seefeld - CUSTOM TOUR

Sonntag, 11. August 2019 | Björn Greibig | Europa

We had some unusual and difficult situations to manage on the tour, but it was still a wonderful and fun tour. Thanks guys it was a pleasure!!!

Day 6 - on the last day from Bolzano, over the legendary Stelvio back to Seefeld

One last ice cream for our ice man Joseph.
The switchbacks down from the Stelvio are luckily a bit easier than on the way up.
On our way up to Passo Stelvio.
Unfortunately, we couldn't stop at the Forst Brewery because we still had a lot to do that day.

Day 5 - from Seefeld through the Dolomites to Bolzano

...you can still find a delicious ice cream.
At night in the streets of Bolzano...
Wonderful afternoon atmosphere in the Dolomites
One reason why you have to love Italy!
First stop and first good Italian cappuccino.

Day 4 - to the east today: Zillertal, Achensee, Sylvensteinspeicher and a little extra loop to Namlos

What a beautiful end of the day!
(background: Zugspitze)
But of course there are also switchbacks in the Namlos valley!
Riding some sweepers in the Namlos valley.
The ladys enjoy the view over the Achensee.
We also have some Indian guys in the group. Unfortunately, the dealer had vacation ...
The funniest wait time at a construction site you can have!
...but on the way down, it has cleared up.
Unfortunately we had no luck with the view from the top of the Ziller valley panoramic road...

Day 3 - riding through Kühtai and high above Innsbruck

A stop only for our Ducati guy Shawn.
Hafelekar - a must when visiting Innsbruck!
The three musketeers above Innsbruck.
On the way up to Kühtai.

Day 2 - the Timmelsjoch and the first taste of Southtyrol

There is always space for some cake.
Switchback number 653 of today.
After poor rain in the morning we reached the top of the Timmelsjoch and we could enjoy the view.
Would that be a good choice for the next Edelweiss Tour?!
Ducati Corse
The motorcycle museum at Timmelsjoch is definitely worth a visit!

Day 1 - Bavaria and King Ludwig's castles

It's dinner time!
The "ice man"
Happy faces on the top of the first mountain pass of the tour. -Hahntennjoch-
Love is in the air. <3
On the last meters to the top.
Short coffee stop on the way up to Hahntennjoch.
The beautiful Lechtaler alps in the background.
one way to enjoy life
Luckily, there are enough opportunities at the Plansee to stop and take pictures because the landscape is gorgeous.
Today we stopped for lunch at lake Kochel.


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