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The Vikings, CVE1902

Sonntag, 18. August 2019 | Michaela Achatzi / Holger Homann | Europa

Day 8, Vradal - Oslo

The Vrangfoss locks...made out of wood, a century old and still manually operated, connecting the Telemark to the Northsea
The Heddal stave church from the 13th century. A beautiful place, impressive and a place to calm down..

Day 7 + 8, Søla - Vrådal

A view back where we came from. On the right hand side cottages with grass growing on the roofs,good isolation for tougher winter times
Our picnic in the outback
Pølser sausage
Pølser bread

Day 5 + 6, Bergen - Sola

The best place to clebrate an arrival
Boot beer at the beach
Craig testing his Goretex in the Northsea
Charlie is on board! Welcome! Finally his luggage arrived at the Oslo airport and he came with the train to Bergen
Relaxed coffee stop on one of the tougher tour days - 405 km from Bergen via Hardangerfjord to Stavanger and finally Sola
At the Hardanger Bridge. At this point the fjord is 500m deep.
The impressive Latefossen waterfall
Bootbeer at the beach

Day 3, Geiranger - Færland

The old Strynfjell Road...like riding at the artic circle
Thank you for the great picnic, Michaela!
Norway is so beautiful!

Day 2, Alesund - Geiranger

a really ugly troll.....
The Stevio in the north
The best strawberry cake in Norway.
Yummi, the plates are empty
The famous fjord in Norway
...and somewhere here picture book Norway starts..
A first glimpse of Geiranger..
Hmmm...and they have roads here...yummy

Day 1, Welcome

Alesund impressions
your Tourguides Michaela and Holger say hello


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