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5AL1902 - Peaks and Passes

Mittwoch, 28. August 2019 | Uwe Hausleitner / Michael Engelhard | Europa

Day 7 - Riding Day - Livigno - Seefeld in Tirol

Our last riding day started in Livigno and soon we headed into Switzerland, which awaited us with blue sky and sunshine. After riding over the Bernina and the Ofenpass, we entered Italy again, just to leave it right after the Reschenpass. After we took a "gachen Blick" (steep view) we enjoyed our last 100 km of riding in the alps, before we returned the bike at the Edelweiss Headquarters right in Mieming.

Bernina Pass - Switzerland
What is this doing in there?
Whatever, let´s get a picture in front of Reschen lake.
And by the way, we also had a live Alphorn concert right at the lake.
How should we do it?
No we have it perfect - at Gacher Blick in Tyrol, Austria. A happy group of bikers.

Day 6 - Riding Day - Riva del Garda - Livigno

Dan is photobombing on top of Passo Tonnale
Riding up Passo Stelvio in fog looks like visiting a ghost town...
Done it! Being on top of the highest pass of Italy !

Day 5 - Rest-Day with a short ride around Lake Garda, Lake Ledro and Lake Idro

Today, we were visiting Lake Legro, Lake Idro and rode back to Lake Garda. The weather was fantastic, the roads were nearly empty and the curves were breathtaking.

The backyards of Lake Garda are beautiful and hide quite some treasures.
A bunch of happy people above Lake Garda

Day 4 - Riding Day - Bolzano - Riva del Garda

Getting ready for the next great day in South Tyrol.
Enjoying the beautiful view at our coffee stop at Passo di Lavazé.
On top of Monte Bondone (2.180m).
When the sun shows up, everyone gets happy
Arrival of the Tourguide Mike at Riva del Garda
Paul and Carolyn
Mike and Cathy
Dan and Sue
Jim and Vicky
Don and Beth

Day 3 - Riding Day - Kals - Bolzano

Today we are entering Italy, coming from East-Tyrol, Austria. Our plan is, to go via 5 mountain passes and having lunch way up in the clouds at a mountain peak. The weather looks good and the people are ready to ride.

Adventure awaits us.

The daily briefing, everybody is looking forward to entering the Dolomites.
Stallersattel - First Pass of the day
Passo Valparola - 2. pass of the day
Cynthia searching for the best picture
Hm, maybe the other side?
This was our way down from lunch. Do you see our parking? It is right in the middle, down there.
Passo Pordoi, the 4. pass of the day.
Parking in front of the cafe at Passo Pordoi.
Discussing the beautiful and amazing roads of the day. Still at Passo Pordoi

Day 2 - Riding Day - Seefeld - Kals

After a very nice breakfast, the group was getting ready for their first ride in the alps.

Let´s get it on.
Mike, the Tourguide, happy to get on the road
Ready to ride.
Even a rainy trip could be a fun one!
Enjoying the view on top of the Grossglockner High Alpine Road !
Great bikes, great people.

Day 1 - Arrival day in Seefeld, Tirol

The first big step was successful. The whole group of riders and the motorcycles arrived at the starting point of our tour in Seefeld. After the Welcome Briefing we had a wonderful dinner together.

First Trailer
Second Trailer
Welcome Dinner


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