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5EB - European Bike Week

Mittwoch, 11. September 2019 | Julian Fischer / Uwe Hausleitner | Europa / Italien

Day 8 - Last riding day from Cortina to Seefeld

Starting at freezing temperatures in the rain and still having fun on the motorcycle? Must be an Edelweiss Tour.

Challenging conditions from rain to snowfall as we are re-entering Austria made this last riding day an exceptional experience.

The pack is getting ready to ride.
Still building up
Ready to go and leave into the grey. Nevertheless a stunning road and mountain experience.

Day 7 - Leaving Villach to Cortina d'Ampezzo

Our day started in a light rain and turned completely to sunshine after we entered Italy.

Unfortunately the rain was faster than our Harley Davidsons and we finished the day after beautiful curves in rain and low temperatures. We did not know, that these temperatures were even getting lower.

If some Aliens from outer space come to get you - It would look like this.
First coffee stop - Italian Coffee and fun in the sunshine.
Trying to direct everyone...
Look at this happy group in front of a stunning view.

Day 6 - second restday at faak am see

At the european bike week not all of the bikes are harleys...
...not even all of them you can really ride...
...some of them are maybe too big to ride...
...but all of them are impressive
parking lots are rare here...

Day 5 - First Rest-Day at the European Bike Week in Faak am See

Even on a rest day, we could not resist to ride and visited the Nockalmstraße. One of the most famous alpine roads in Austria.

Just arrived at the top of Nockalm.
Checking the stunning view and the perfect weather.
Group picture - Smaller group as some preferred the spa. Nevertheless having fun.
Last stop of the day - Gmünd

Day 4 - Fohnsdorf to Villach

A little bit of hiking up to the Lipizzaner stables...
when they are young, there are black...
old but gold...

Day 3 - Gmunden to Fohnsdorf

This day startet with bright sunshine and Hallstatt awaited us. After a nice walk at the lake and into the old town, we also visited Stift Admont in Steiermark. After passing the Erzberg, we made it to our Hotel - Schloss Gabelhofen (Castle).

Grouppicture in front of the Traunsee with the light of a beautiful morning

At latest now, all people of Gmunden are awake

Our first stop - beautiful Hallstatt
The world famous library in Stift Admont (Monastery) with writings and books that are centuries old.
Getting ready for the afternoon. We had also very nice lunch in Stift Admont.
Harleys in front of the Erzberg - Steel Horses at the Iron Ore Mountain.

Day 2 - Salzburg to Gmunden

Day 2 was unfortunatly a really rainy day- but the life as a motorycycle adventurer includes also rainy ridingdays, thats what raingear is for....


We visited the Eagles Nest (Kehlsteinhaus) and had a very nice lunch in Hallein, before we went over the Postalm-Road to Gmunden. We spent the evening and the dinner right at the lake and enjoyed our again great food.

Posing in the rain...
Meeting the locals and making new friends.
Parked for lunch in Hallein.

Day 1 - Tourstart - Seefeld to Salzburg

Tyrol awaits us with Mushrooms
Start your engines, for the first riding day.
Mirabell Gardens - Should we take a picture?
Yes, Group Picture with our guests from Chile.
On our way through the gardens to the Dinner with Mozart.
Salzburg from below and above... - The whole group having fun.
Beautiful setting for the dinner awaits us. Dining like a Royal in former days.
One of our tour members had the luck to dance with the opera-singer, even if her opera-boyfriend got mad about

Our first day takes us across the border to Germany and back into beautiful Austria again. All day long, it is wonderful, curvy roads and we are really lucky with the weather. Our final stop this evening is Salzburg, a melting pot of Austrian culture, where you can find not only the house Mozart was born, but also castles like Mirabell, colourful gardens and the river Salzach, which we will have to cross to get to our dinner in the old town. Centuries of history you just walk through and it feels, like you are entering a different dimension.



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