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Mediterranean Alps Extreme

Samstag, 21. September 2019 | Michael Göbel | Europa

Day 1 - Arrival in Vence

Everybody made it to tour start. 

Michael and Darren from Australia, Hana and Ken from Canada and Tourguide Michael from Germany. We had a fabulous dinner at a special restaurant in St Paul de Vence .


Day 2 - Vence - Valberg - 320 km

A great first riding day.  The day of the canyons. Beautiful scenery and great roads.

Day 3 Restday Valberg - 315 km

Restday? Not for this group.  We  did an extended ride...

Some really challenging roads, but everybody did well. 

Day 4 - Valberg - Mondovi - 280 km

The day of the passes, 200 hairpins and we finally got to Italy and had a great lunch in a monastery. 

Day 5 - Mondovi - Rapallo - 280 km

Welcome to Italy! Challenging roads, beautiful scenery , great food and nice people.

Dinner with the bikes

Day 6 - Restday Rapallo - 170 km

On our second restday we went to Cinque Terre on the famous SS1, a rolercoaster ride along the coast. 

Day 7 - Rapallo - Finale - 250 km

250 km does not sound much, but it took us the whole day. So many corners and some single tracks with potholes needed all our concentration.

Day 8 - Finale - Vence - 320 km

Unfortunately the last day! But what a day! On the way back to France we had some great passes, one challenging single track road and two picturesque coffee stops.  We arrived safe at the hotel and everybody had a smiile on his or her face. 



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