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BMW K 1600 München - Berlin - München mit BMW China

Samstag, 28. September 2019 | Mirko Heilhecker / Arild Korstadhagen | Europa

Welcome briefing mit der Gruppe

The tour started with a visit to the BMW Museum in Munich
A lot of interesting stuff to see.
Even some some BMW-humor.
Then we did the welcome briefing...
...and had the first dinner together in Hotel Henry in Erding.

1. Fahrtag von München nach Rothenburg

Morning brief before the we started the first riding day.

2. Fahrtag Rothenburg- Arnstadt

On the second riding day we rode through the German countryside on our way to Arnstadt. At some point one of the guides/photografer got lost - but it was all smile while we let him catch up with us.
Wasserkuppe is a center of air sports. it is also a popular place for bikers to visit. We where not alone there.
And then we went to see the old castle of Wartburg.
Had to climb quite a few stairs to get there, and we needed a brake and something to drink at the castle café.

3. Fahrtag Arnstadt - Berlin

This day started off with us making a tableau for the group photo. It was pretty nice and everybody took the opportunity to get some snapshots.
Mirko made us a very nice picnic lunch.
And there where some more photo opportunities.
This is the bag that was left at the picnic place, and later left at nearby hotel by a a friendly finder...
...and this the lucky guide who drove three hours to pick it up. Mirko - you are a star!

4. Fahrtag Berlin - Dresden

Our day in Berlin started at the Hollywood Media Hotel, where they have a cool twist to the self service concept at the breakfast buffé.
We took our bikes back to their place of birth - The BMW Motorrad factory in Berlin.
After a short presentation of the brand and factory history and key facts, we where taken on an interesting tour through the plant.
...no cameras in the plant though, so no pictures from the tour.
It's not a chopper. It's not a bagger. Maybe a stripper?
At lunch there was time for some play.
Upon arrival at the hotel in Dresden everybody agreed that it had been a good day.

5. Fahrtag Dresden - Schwarzenfeld

On our way to Schwarzenfeld we stopped by the motorcycle museum at Schloss Wildeck in Zschopau.
Correct outfit to be used when visiting motorcycle museums.
We got wet today, but who cares ?
A combined fuel and coffee stop at a very biker-friendly gas station.
Bikers corner both inside and outside.
Outside even with a relaxation area
Upon arrival at the Schlosshotel in Schwarzenfeld, the support time offered some extra foodservice. Nice !

6. Fahrtag Schwazenfeld - München

Last riding day started with a photoshoot...
...and ended with a subway ride in to Munich to have dinner at the Hofbrauhaus.


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