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Best of Europe BOE1905

Montag, 30. September 2019 | Domenico Schiano Moriello / Jens Ruprecht | Europa

Day 8, Warth -.Erding

Last ride of this beautiful tour, today we headed back to Erding! We left Warth on a winter morning but, as we reached the valley in Reutte, the sky cleared up and we had a great time visiting the palace of Linderhof and then finally cruising into Bavaria. We reached Erding in time to celebrate with a boot beer!

Goodbye Joy, Michael, Martin, Partick, George, Brian, Bruno, Robert and Michael, it was a pleasure meeting you and of course riding with you! See you soon on another Edelweiss tour!

Group picture before leaving Warth
daily briefing
Picture stop at the Plansee
The Linderhof palace
Martin and Patrick
We made it! Greetings from Erding!

Day 7, Schaffhausen - Warth

Weather forecast for today was very good, so what do we do... long route or short route? Of course the long one! After cruising along the river Rhein, we finally headed into the Swiss Alps! We reached the Schwägalp pass and from there we took the cable car to the top of mount Säntis, where we had lunch between the clouds. And the day was not over, we crossed Liechtenstein and then reached Austria, where we had a lot of fun on the Furkajoch and Hochtannbergpass before finally reaching Warth. A great day!

Diessenhofen on the river Rhein
Bikes parked near lake Constance, where we stopped for a coffee break
Ready to board the cable car for mount Säntis
Amazing views from 2500 metres of altitude!
Group picture with the small country of Liechtenstein at our back
Robert reaching the Furkajoch
On the Furkajoch
Great end of the ride, in the spa of the hotel!

Day 6, Ribeauville - Schaffhausen

Weather is not treating us very well, but our mood does not get affected! We left Ribeauville and headed back to the Black Forest in Germany where we could taste the delicious Black Forest cake and admire many cuckoo clocks! Back on the road, nice twisty roads took us to the beautiful Schlucksee and then we finally endered Switzerland, where we could admire the Rhein waterfall (one of the biggest waterfalls in Europe!) before reaching the hotel. Another great day!

Beautiful morning in Ribeauville
Group picture in the Black Forest
Black Forest Cake!
Patrick and Jens
Time to gas up
At the Rhein Waterfall in Shaffhausen
A nice walc through the historic centre before dinner

Day 5, rest day Ribeauville

Today we went for a short morning ride on the mountains around Ribeauville, so beautiful twisty roads! This is a real motorcyclists paradise, but we had to take it easy... roads were wet! And, whe came back to the hotel, a deliciuos picnic prepared by Joy and Jens was ready for us! Time to relax and walk around in the afternoon, and then we met again for a delicious dinner!

In Munster
Coffee break
Martin and Domenico
Joy and Jens, thank you for lunch!

Day 4, Heidelberg - Ribeauville

Let's head south! Today we rode the wonderful Schwarzwaldhochstrasse (Black Forest high road), hundreds of curves in this southern forest of Germany, before finally crossing the river Rhein and entering France, heading to the pretty village of Ribeauville where we are going to spend the next two nights.

Ready to go
At the Mummelsee
no comment
Motorcycling keeps us young!

Day 3, Rothenburg - Heidelberg

The second day, as the weather forecast promised, started with dark skies and rain! But we still could enjoy a beautiful ride, we first reached the stunning Schontal abbey for some pictures and then, after a coffee break, we started following the course of the Neckar river until Hirschhorn. There we found a good motorcycle gear shop and we could upgrade our rain gears... so, once we were more prepared, the sun came out! We reached the beautiful city of Heidelberg in the early afternoon, so everybody had time for a walk, before having dinner in the old town.

The baroque facade of the church of Schontal
rain gear on, of course
Joy and Michael
Martin, Brian and George
Bruno and Robert from Australia
The Neckar river
Heidelberg and the old bridge

Day 2, Erding - Rothenburg

The first ride of this tour was also probably the easiest one, good to get used to the bikes and, for the australians, to get used to ride on the "opposite" lane! So we rode through Bavaria, had lunch in Eichstatt and then had also time for visiting Rothenburg, this jewel from the middle ages that is still intact!

Fisrt coffee break
Group picture with the police!

Day 1, Arrival in Erding

Welcome to Erding, Germany, where the sky is blue and the bikes are ready! Today we did the welcome briefing and the motorcycles handover, and now we are ready to roll!

Erding old town
Bikes ready!
Welcome briefing!


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Patrick Moody
Montag, 14. Oktober 2019 um 23:35

This trip was such a blast! Worth every penny. Jens and Domenico were outstanding guides. Can't wait to ride together again!
Donnerstag, 26. September 2019 um 08:18

Hope you are all having an amazing time... the photos I have seen looks like an unforgettable adventure... Enjoy..enjoy..enjoy xxx
Ursula Peter
Dienstag, 24. September 2019 um 18:35

Caro Domenico,
wir haben hier einen Kunden, der hat erzählt, dass er letztes Jahr mit einem netten, hübschen, italienischen Tourguide auf der Big5 war! Dann ist mir fast nicht eingefallen, wer das hätte sein können .
Hey you both, have a nice tour
greetings from Serbia
Domenico Schiano Moriello
Mittwoch, 25. September 2019 um 16:26

Ciao Ursula! Come stai? Jens und ich sagen Liebe Grüsse! Und bitte gruss auch Andreas von mir! Hier alles ok, nur das Wetter könnte besser sein! Bis hoffentlich bald!
Dagmar und Manfred Soff
Mittwoch, 25. September 2019 um 19:55

Hallo Domenico und Jens, es grüßt Euch ganz herzlich Dagmar und Manfred Soff. Wir haben für Euch schönes und sonniges Wetter bestellt und wünschen Euch eine tolle Tour. Nach Rothenburg fahren wir mit unserem Bike jedes Jahr 2 X und hätten wir gewußt, dass Ihr Zwei dort seid, wären wir mal kurz nach Rothenburg mit unserem Bike gekommen um Euch zu sehen.
Domenico Schiano Moriello
Donnerstag, 26. September 2019 um 22:47

Es waere echt schoen gewesen, euch beide wiederzusehen! Wie geht es euch? Ich hoffe gut! Jens schickt auch viele Liebe Gruesse!
Mittwoch, 25. September 2019 um 19:46

Hi Domenico
Enjoying the Adventure Balkan with Ursula and Holger now. But the Adventure Big Five- my first trip with you Domenico and Edelweiss- was also a unforgettable trip. See you next time.
Best regards
Domenico Schiano Moriello
Donnerstag, 26. September 2019 um 22:46

Hello Andreas, so good to read from you! I hope to meet you soon again on another tour! Big hug!


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