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2CR - Kroatien auf dem Scooter im Spätsommer

Mittwoch, 2. Oktober 2019 | Peter Kuhn | Europa

Croatia - Islands, good food, fantastic wine and dream like roads

Day 1 - Pula and Rovinj made us a fantastic start

Johny, Illke, John and Jillian at the first Coffe
Diana, Michael, Gerd and Ines at the same place
hanging out in Pula
at the famous roman arena
delicious lunch in Vodnjan with home made pasta
a short visit at the Kazunpark
and gelato in Rovinj completes the day

Day 2 - the spectacular stalactite caves of Postojna

going into the caves with the train was like a timewarp
the limestone pillars
looks like we are in a different world
and taking the train out of the caves again

Day 3 - Porec and the wounderful Limskicanal

the morning road with his gorgeous view over the Kvarnerbay
Gerd and Ines enjoy coffe in Porec
our fleet
the view tower at the Limskicanal
the girls are tasting some local products
Jillian and John got lokal
we got fresh seefood from the Limskicanal for lunch
welcome to Dvigrad Croatias ghost town
Diana and Michael enjoy the ruins
John could find his peace
a great group at a great place
look over the Limskigorge with John and Jillian
but there is ta time to say good by cya tomorrow

Day 4 - Island hopping on Cres and Krk

looking forward to the first ferry of the day
the port in Cres is near
and from the ferry we had a great view to the Kvarnabay
Michael and our bikes at 45° meridian
Jillian and John with the incredible view to the Croatian islands
the next ferry brought us to the island of Krk
Ines and Ilke enjoying the sun
good by Cres
the hidden villages are so beautiful there
welcome to Krk City
where we found a remote place for lunch
entering the Francopan palace
with his cosy small alleys
Gert is exploring them
Krk east end
and the amazing panorama there

Day 5 - The best for last Ucka Loop

We use the last sun-window of the week and make a round at the end through the Ucka nature park. Here at the summit...
...the shelter is opening and serving fresh coffee
On the other side of the mountain we make a short stop at the inconspicuous village of Plomin. Which was already settled in Roman times.
A stone coat of arms from 1532 still hangs on the old city gate. Diana and Michael enjoy walking through the old streets.
The view from the city wall down where once was the harbor of Plomin.
Michael in the catacombs of the medieval church.
A tombstone from the year 1667.
time to go and enjoy...
...spectacular evening


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