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Around Tuscany with Vespas (2TU190A)

Dienstag, 15. Oktober 2019 | Manuel Marabese | Europa / Italien

Day 1: Welcome to Firenze

After a long journey from China we are happy to welcome in Firenze a group of Vespa riders. Manuel, Kim and Ms. Limeng will take good care of them, showing some of the most iconic highlights of this famous Italian region.

Day 2: Chianti and San Gimignano

What can be a better start than exploring some of the great Tuscan classics? In the morning we ride the famous road 222, better known as Strada del Chianti. Flanked by vineyards, cypress trees and olive trees, this road is idyllic. After a coffee break in Greve in Chianti we reach San Gimignano for lunch. Here there used to be over 70 medieval towers, expression of the wealth of this town. 

First coffee of the ride in Greve
Group photo with the background of the Mona Lisa painting
Lunch time in San Gimignano. Pici (a thick Tuscan version of the spaghetti) with porcini mushroom, tomato and cheese.
A village with a view...
The grand view over the centre of Firenze from San Miniato al Monte, just above piazzale Michelangelo
A wonderful purple sunset, tomorrow it will another great day!

Day 3: Passo della Consuma and Arezzo

Plenty of curves and a wonderful town are the highlights for today. The tight corners climbing Passo della Consuma are a morning delight. Later on we reach Arezzo and its hidden beauty. From afar you won't believe how pretty is the historical centre of this medieval town.

Enjoying the landscape on Passo della Consuma
A small detour to the Castello in Poppi
Quite a charming lunch spot
Kim checking out the new Moto Guzzi

Day 4: Pisa and Vallombrosa

Two options for today: part of the group rides with Kim to Pisa for the famous Tower and Cathedral, while a very small group rides with Manuel around the surrounding of Pontassieve and Vallombrosa: Villa Pitiana, the Abbey of Vallombrosa and the oil producer Pasquini are in our morning menu.

The afternoon follows relaxed with a stroll around the historical centre of Firenze.

Villa Pitiana in the magical morning mist
The interior of the baroque Abbey of Vallombrosa
Visiting the oil producer Frantoio Pasquini, a very nice private tour just for us. Grazie Signor Attilio!
And finally, a stroll around Firenze. Always busy, always gorgeous.
After so much Italian food it's time to visit a Chinese restaurant!

Day 5: Siena and the food festival in Villa a Sesta

Another gorgeous day discovering the Chianti area is awaiting us. After a warm up along the famous route 222 we stop in Castellina in Chianti for the first coffee break. Soon after, Siene in all its splendor appears in front of us. The Duomo and the Campo (the main square where twice a year the horses run the Palio) are simply breathtaking.

Today is a special day for this area: we have the possibility to visit one of the most "intense" food festival of entire Tuscany. The rustic village Villa a Sesta arranges once a year the Dit'unto festival ("the greasy finger"), with 48 stands offering a wide selection of delicacies!

Good morning!
One of the marvels of Tuscan art: Siena's Duomo
Perfect parking spot
Idyllic food festival amidst vineyards
Buon appetito!

Day 6: Mugello Race Track and Passo del Muraglione

For the last riding day we have kept the best riding route of the entire tour. We go north this time, leaving the Chianti area and entering the higher mountain area of the Appenino Tosco-Emiliano.

Our morning stop is at the Mugello Race Track: it is more than just a race track. it's the embodiment of motorcyling racing passion. The MotoGP races here are legendary. We are lucky enough to be able to enter it and watch some of the free practice of sport cars.

Later on we follow the route of the former open road race track until Firenzuola, turning then on the small Sp 32 to reach a very remote and quiet single lane mountain pass. Lunch is half way on our route, leaving the Passo del Muragione as the highlght for the afternoon.

Thank you everyone for participanting in this tour and letting me show you some of the finest corners of Italy.



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Peter Parsons
Freitag, 11. Oktober 2019 um 16:36

Manuel, Looks like you are having another great ride. Try not to drag the 'pegs' too much. The 6 Canadians did another breakfast run up to St. Jovite, Quebec yesterday. The fall colors are fantastic. Just wasn't the same, not following the grey and yellow jacket. Cheers, Peter
Manuel Marabese
Sonntag, 13. Oktober 2019 um 23:44

Dear Peter, glad to hear from you! I hope the weather will allow you another trip around Canada before the winter kicks in!


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