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TOURENFAHRER on tour: Abenteuer Neuseeland

Dienstag, 10. Dezember 2019 | Thomas Ritt / Holger Homann | Pazifik

Day 15: Around the Coromandel to Auckland

Highlight of this tour's last riding day: the stunning Coromandel Peninsula. An outstanding road, great views, and, to top it all off, New Zealand's best Fish&Chips for lunch. What better way to end an amazing tour?

Tom and Sabine on Coromandel
An impressive Kauri tree...
...and our dinner right on top of Auckland!
And Timo found an Edelweiss

Day 14: Waitomo Caves to Thames

Today we drove to the west shore, stopped at the Marokopa waterfall and continued on a gravel road to Raglan, the surfer spot in New Zealand. Later we were hunt by a thunderstorm and we flew thru the landscape with strong winds and gusts. We made it finally to Thames without a single drop of rain. We parked the motorcycles in front of the hotel and it started to rain. THAT is timing )

Day 13: Wanganui to Waitomo Caves

Mt. Taranaki as we should have seen it. But we haven't.
Better weather along the Forgotten World Highway. Those 140 kms of curves will never be forgotten.
without words
Exiting the famous Waitomo Glowworm Caves

Day 11: Napier to Rotorua

Today we target 345km in total with a gravel section of about 100km through the isolated Te-Urewa (formerly a national park now registered as a personhood) rainforest...just nature, small roads and us.

But see yourself...

Marcus in action
First North island impressions - filmed/cut by Timo
at Waikaremoana lake
Happy faces! What a great day!!

Lots of curves today, time to take pictures only when we stopped...

... for coffee...

Day 10: Wellington to Napier

... in Martinborough...
... and lunch in Pongaroa.
After dinner (in Napier) we celebrated Manuela's birthday with cheesecake from Yummy Mummy's

Days 6, 7 & 8: via Punakaiki and Motueka to Wellington

Due to limited internet access it took a little while to update the blog. Sorry...

South Island impressions - filmed by Timo
Thank you very much!
Hokitika Gorge
There must be some heavy people in New Zealand...
Kea at Arthur's Pass
Keas are real superstars!
..and then again the Jurassic park feeling
Our dinner at Punakaiki..romantic
Timo in action
The obligatory sheep (we had to put one here
In the morning we visited the pancake rocks...
Susanne and Sabine
Manuela and Jörg at Motueka beach
An araucaria in the background. Also called "monkey puzzle trees"

5. Tag: Cromwell - Fox Glacier

With pleasent weather we started towards the West Coast...here at Lake Hawea
Our morning coffee stop - normally a tourist hotspot - we were so lucky, nearly no people!
Jörg presenting (actually we made him doing so the New Zealand T shirt which he got upfront the tour from his daughter
The forest gets more and more dense and the roads more twisty
Timo on our rain forest walk
Beaches at the West Coast, just wild and beautiful
What this crowd was looking for...?

Rasttag in Cromwell: das Abenteuer ruft!

Die berüchtigte Nevis Road bietet 25 Wasserdurchfahrten. Kann das Spaß machen? Oh ja, und wie!
...and various styles to cross them
..and after )
Zur Belohnung gab's Eis in Queenstown

3. Tag: Danseys Pass - Cromwell

That's it!
Gilchrist store, open since 1902!
At the Blue Lake in St. Bathans...in the middle of nowhere...again!
Tom arriving "downtown"
Hear Hear!
take your dirty boots off!!!
riding impressions...
..and Ralf found a General Store in the middle of nowhere
Discover New Zealand!

2. Tag: Omarama - Danseys Pass

Let's go!
Today's day is all about riding...on back country and gravel roads
Marcus approaching..
Jörg and Manuela
Gerd coming around the corner
Jörg and Manuela crossing the ford
Gerd in action
Who made this bike dirty??
Our target for this morning: The Hakataramea pass
Sabine, our brave girl!
This landscape...just amazing! Our approach to Danseys pass in the afternoon
After a great day relaxing at our nice old hotel in the middle of nowhere!
...built in the 19th century, this hotel has flair!

1. Tag: Christchurch - Omarama

Gleich außerhalb von Christchurch lauert dieser herrliche Aussichtspunkt
Schöner Ort zum Mittagessen
Die historische Kirche zum guten Hirten, die Motorräder, der türkisblaue See Lake Tekapo und im Hiintergrund die Südlichen Alpen: Neuseeland lässt sich nicht lumpen!
Mt. Cook
Schotter, Staub und Pisten lassen sich hier trefflich genießen!

Tag 0: Ankunft

Willkommen im "Chateau on the Park", Christchurch, Neuseeland. Es kann losgehen!


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Wilfried Floriani
Dienstag, 3. Dezember 2019 um 12:08

Hallo Ralf, wünsche gute Heilung der rechten Hand!
Schöne Grüße aus Mieming
Achim Szymanski
Donnerstag, 28. November 2019 um 10:35

What a nice and amazing travel! What a beautiful landscape! Keep on running!
Holger Homann
Samstag, 30. November 2019 um 01:03

Hello Achim,

nice to read you! This is really fantastic over here.

Cheers and all the best



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