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Fire and Ice - Iceland Adventure 3FI2101

Donnerstag, 29. Juli 2021 | Dieter Arnoth / Mike Woltering | News / Europa

Transport to Iceland

Bikes are ready with adventure tires
loading bikes …. tomorrow will start the transport to Iceland …. yeah
Magic clouds in Mieming …. the alps
Ticket to Iceland
Lets go …we are ready ..
on the Ferry
Landing in Iceland
one of the waterfalls along the road
Arrival in Reykjavik
Rainbow road

1st riding day: Reykavik to Selfoss

Viking museum
the bridge between two continents
Kent and Laura
Vulcanic everywhere
the group at the famous Blue Lagoon
John and Victoria
Bill and Margie
Mike the Tourguide
Hot pod relaxing after a great day with lots of impressions

2nd riding day: Selfoss to Saudarkrokur

visiting the Geysir and Strokkur
and ofc "Litii Geysir" which is quite inactive.
Gullfoss - the golden waterfall
After Gullfoss and Geysir we´re hitting some nice, long gravel roads....
... and our first small water crossing which obviously is no problem at all!
Look at those beautiful colors, what a great scenery at our lunch spot.
One of the typical old churches with a roof out of gras.
Those old farm houses near Glaumbaer are not made for tall people like Laura and Kent.
The inside view of an old farm house.

3rd riding day: Saudakrokur to Akureyri

Which one of the "two" pools would you prefer?
From here nearly a third of the Icelandic population emigrated to America.
As having sheep is an important thing here, they got all kinds of stuff regarding being a shepard. Like mark spray for sheep.
Say "hi" to Victoria and John, ....
... Lauren and Kent, ...
and as well to Margie and Bill who are being followed by Dieter in the van.
What a view!
Visiting the motorcycle museum in Akureyri is a must! Tons of vintage and recent bikes here.
Luckily our motorcycles are in a way better shape than this on here.
Might this be Johns next Harley?
Oh wow, this thing from around 1980 got anything you need or don´t.

4th riding day: Akureyri to Husavik

first a little gravel section
water crossing
visiting Godafoss … the waterfall of gods
Volcanic rocks
whale watching at Husavik

5th riding day: Húsavík to Egilsstaðir

Asbyrgi canyon - the hoof print of Odin's eight-legged horse.
The Dettifoss, Iceland's most powerful waterfall.

6th riding day: Egilsstaðir to Hornafjörður

Hengifoss and Litlanefoss from distance
All the way up to Öxi Pass.
Little foggy up here...
Dieter said "squeeze", so we did squeeze
Glacier lake Hoffellsjökull
Even tho it is raining, it is totally worth going up here to see this glacier lagoon.

8th riding day: Kirkjubæjarklaustur to Flúðir

watercrossing day
19 watercrossing finished
happy tourguide
end of gravel

9th riding day: Fludir to Reykjavik

Kerið Crater
Visiting Þingvellir - the first parlament place 900 AC
Thank you to all these amazing people who made this tour so awesome!
Those tomatoes, grown here in Iceland are in a different league, never tasted better ones!


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Claudia Wodarz
Freitag, 30. Juli 2021 um 12:30

What an awesome Tour!
Wilfried Floriani
Freitag, 23. Juli 2021 um 14:21

Very nice impressions from Iceland!
Viktoria Neuner
Montag, 19. Juli 2021 um 09:01

Cool pics, have fun and enjoy
Sonntag, 18. Juli 2021 um 21:59

Hi Dieter!
I wish you a great time on Iceland! Enjoy!!
All the best, Angela
Chiara Van Doorn
Freitag, 16. Juli 2021 um 12:16

Look good Dieter!!
Mike Woltering
Dienstag, 13. Juli 2021 um 22:49

Glad you made it safe and sound to the ferry. See you on Friday!


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