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Alps Riding Academy 6AA2108

Dienstag, 10. August 2021 | Harald Pramhofer / Christian Preining | Europa

Riding the Academy
The Actors
thats Julie
das ist Axel
and Peter with 45° angle
who could that be?
look where you go
finding The Blue Line
on the road again
nice weather on the way to Lake Garda
the overview
in the woods
Coffee time
we paid the ferryman
breakfast in Gargnano
some challenging roads to the last lunchplace


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Christian Preining
Mittwoch, 11. August 2021 um 22:21

I know the answer to that unnamed rider on the picture: its my younger son Nicolas on his first serious motorcycle tour!
This time we were running the Alps Riding Academy in two groups. I was in charge for a family of really good riders coming for the third time to this training and talking about next year already.Two years ago they invited Nicolas to come along as soon as he was allowed to ride a real motorcycle with more than 125 ccm. And last week it happened, making it the best ARA ever for me. Thanks again to Sabine, Danyon, Tim and Leon!


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