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Alps and Lakes (5AL) from the bottom to the top

Sonntag, 22. August 2021 | Thomas Fellechner / Stefan Sykora | Europa / Italien

1 Day

sleep well, tomorrow we start into our Adventure
well prepared for Briefing

Riding Day 1 Seefeld to Kals

7a.m A Lady need‘s some love. Getting ready for the First day. The Rock‘n Ride Tour is ready to Roll.
a real Harley rider isnt affraid of a little liquid Sunshine; isnt it Mady?
See you, have a nice day, enjoy your ride!!
Getting ready to look for the ghosts, twarfs and gnomes at the Leutascher Geisterklamm
Our security team, Roger and Brain taking care that no one gets lost.
Fairytales of the disc world, Terry Pratchett gives the best ideas for that
Who`ll stoped the rain?.....getting of the rain gear to ride along the road of the Achensee
Lunch Time at its best. Just before we do our first little pass. On the way to the Gerlos Pass. Guys, are you ready?
Gerlos Pass - Krimmler Waterfalls. What a nice view.....
What a different a day makes, twenty four little hours. Germany - Tirol - South Tirol. You'll find a little bit of the hole world in Europe.
500 meters before a Café Stop. Little rain gear session. The sky is crying, see the tears running down the street. A real biker takes it with a smile. May we’re sweet, but not made from suger.

Riding day 2 From Kals to Collalbo

A brand new day in paradise. We’re heading down south. A little stop just before the Staller Pass. One way down on curvy raods. What a pleasure.

waiting for green light on "Staller Sattel"

“I’m running down the road, trying loosing my load. I’ve got seven women on my mind“....If you take it easy, it’s a marvelous ride through a stunning nature.
We’re on the Rocky Mountain way. Driving through ski resorts of Gardena down to the Harley Dealer in Bolzano to get a trophy. We earn it.
Dolomites are calling. When you’re sitting on top of the world, well that’s how it feels up there, you get a different point of view.

this "Schnitzel" is as big as my head

Riding Day 3 Collabo to Riva del Garda

A new day, a new challenge. But we’re looking forward to a beautiful day of riding.
Cowboys like Smokie old barrooms and clear mountain mornings and romantic fairytale of forgiven love effort. What a great view to "Rosengarten - (The garden of roses)"
And they never get tired if they’re horses got different plans.
And off we go, just a few more switchbacks to the lake of Garda. All in all again - what a fantastic day.
A little intermezzo on the Passo di Bondone. Too many switchbacks for the lowriders side stand. Pimp my ride.
After dinner we do what Italiens do, strolling though the tiny alleys of Riva del Garda. And there’s always a little space left for some “Gelato”
Jamie and Roger already got the idea of “dolce far niente”

Rest Day in Riva del Garda

short rest day ride to Lago d' ldro
having a taste of Italien livestyle. Having an espresso on our stop.
Riva del Garda
sooooooo cooooolll
Stefan Rockstar

Riding Day 4 from Riva del Garda to Livigno

Bye Bye Lago di Garda

The "bell ringer"

Passo di Tonale

thanks Bruno to help us out, shooting this picture on Passo dello Stelvio

allways these young people an their cell phones

much better!


and down

Riding Day 6 from Livigno to Seefeld

Well, if you going through Switzerland and you don't tast a piece of chocolate, you definitely missed some thing. 
Who brought the sweets? Can I have some?
Everybody wants a piece of chocolate, or two
Meeting some local Harley Rider, even if the language is different - a theme what to talk was found quickly.
What’s that over there....?
....Two cowboys lost their horses.....
....well, I know this two guys. Getting mentally ready to cross border from Switzerland to Italy.
Lunch Time at the sunken church at Passo Resia, and a wee nap. If you don’t feel anything after 6 days of riding, you should go for the iron butt battle.
Just mind blowing....Kauner Grat
We took off from the traffic jam and stopped at a amazing few point on the Kauner Grat. Everybody’s happy and having a great time.
Last Dinner, we will miss all of you guys


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Brian Crouch
Freitag, 29. Oktober 2021 um 21:40

A spectacular tour! Our guides were awesome, friendly and knowledgeable!! Happy to have had them lead us on this adventure!! I am amazed that they found the roads that we were on, they were all challenging and breathtaking. Every other word was ‘Beautiful’! Thanks again Thomas and Stefan!!
Madalyn Crouch
Donnerstag, 19. August 2021 um 16:27

Thomas and Stefan are the best!! We are having the time of our lives! Only 2 more riding days, how many more corners!??


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