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TCC Touring Center Austria

Samstag, 18. September 2021 | Thomas Fellechner | Europa / Italien

Riding Day 5 A taste of Italy

more beautifull windy roads and it seems like we are the only one Riding to day.

San Daniele in Italy. World famous for the Ham they make here.

A taste of Italy

perfect and emty Roads

meet some other bikers on top of "Monte Zoncolan" well done guys

Road up to the very Top of "Monte Zoncolan"

the last coffeestop of our tour in italy

Riding Day 4 Sightseeing (around Klagenfurt)

Because of the weather We decided not doing the Trip to Italy today. Thets the the cool thing beeing on a Touring Center Tour, no need to be on another Hotel. So we decided to do the Sightseeing Trip and it was the right decision 

City center of Klagenfurt.

Weather becomes much better on our second stop, Maria Saal, a Fortified Church build during the 15th century

Tom and Diane enjoyed it aswell

Insight Maria Saal

Next Stop Magdalensberg another beautifull Church on top of a hill. Weather becomes more and more better

We decide to have Lunch here. And for dessert having a traditional typical austrian "Kaiserschmarrn"

See the Castle right on top of the Hill, this will be our next Stop. "Castle Hochosterwitz"

View from the "castle Hochosterwitz"

Knight Tom the Honarable

macabre but kind of funny

Guard Museum

Roberto on one of the 14 castlegates

Tatiana and Roberto

Diane and Thomas

Dome of Gurk

have a seat...

...and have a look on the details

Riding Day 3 meet the Nockers

Welcome to Gmünd (Castle first time mentioned in writing in the year 1292)

Downtown Gmünd

The only private owned Porsche museum in the World.....No Roberto not yours

Divided Church right after Gmünd

Road into Malta Valley

Not realy beeing blessed by the weather today. Doesnt mather, right Diane and Tom?

Malta Valley Damm (Kölnbreinsperre)

Tatiana and Roberto, do yo enjoy the view?

Riding Day 2 southern Styrian Wine Road

Wildensteiner Waterfall

what a beautyfull place isn`t It Tom and Diane?

Tatiana what are you thinking of?

Right in the middle of the Wineyards

Having some Lunch right on the "heart shaped Road"

having some Icecream on lake Soboth

Riding Day 1 Bled and the Julian Alps

Monument of laborcamp Mauthausen in Slowenia, right behind the Boarder between Austria an Slowenia

Beautifull Bled in Slowenia

Our first coffee stop in Bled

Beautiful Bled in Slowenia

the only Island of Slowenia

Icecream and salad, thank`s Diane, give us some inperation of how food can be combined

having Lunch in Slowenia

Beautiful view over Soca Valley in Slowenia

enjoy the view Thomas and Diane

Roberto is the model in our pack

Triglav National Park (the only one) in Slowenia

riding in the Mountains is sometimes surprising

beautifull "Passo del Predil" right behind the Boarder between Slowenia and Italy. 

Day 1 Welcome to Austria

The Bikes allready waiting for your.
On our Welcome Briefing you will receive all the Informations you need


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