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Private High Alpine Tour SPT21016

Donnerstag, 23. September 2021 | Michael Göbel | Europa

Day 1 Seefeld-Lienz  315 km

Two riding buddies from the US Jo and Andy, on a private tour through the alps. The first day was a blast! Großglockner High Alpine road was the absolute highlight. Both are doing well on these challenging roads in the alps. Well done boys!


Day 2 Lienz - Klobenstein  180 km

Today we had to change our route because of havy raom and thunderstorm in the Dolomites. But we had a great day on some tight backcountry roads along the Pustertal. We even could enjoy some sun at a extended coffee break at the Ratsberg Hotel. What a wonderful place overlooking the valley and parts of the Dolomites. 

Day 3  Loop through the Dolomites 295 km

What a day!

The sun came out in the morning and we had a fabulous riding day in the Dolomites. 10 passes and countless curves. It was motorcycle heaven!

Day 4  Klobenstein - Pontresina  305 km

Today we did the pass of the passes, Passo di Stelvio. 48 tight hairpins in a row on the north side. Jo amd Andy did really well, but we saw a lot of bikes, who were doing s bad line. The view from the top was spectacular and the famous bratwurst from Bruno is a must. But Stelvio was not the only highlight today. The medieval town of Glurns, where we had coffee was absolutely worth the visit. Two more great passes, the Gavia in Italy and Bernadino in Switzerland in sunshine in the afternoon made the day complete.

Day 5  Pontresina - Steeg  240 km

In the morning it was quite cold. But it warmed up soon.

First we had a look at St. Moritz and went over the Albula Pass. On our way back to Austria we went through Liechtenstein and said hello to the Fürst in his castle.

The last stretch over the Furkajoch was pure riding fun.


Day 6  Steeg - Seefeld  210 km

Unfortunately our last riding day. In perfect weather conditions we had another 6 passes and enjoyed tje riding very much. The Hahntennjoch was the best. Lunch at Hotel Fischer am See was great. I could say hello to my friend Marina. We arrived in Mieming after over 1500 km and 29 passes. It is the end of that tour. Jo and Andy  did great. Hop to see you again soon. Well done boys!



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Ed Kurdy
Montag, 27. September 2021 um 00:48

Great photos, looks like the trip of a lifetime. My Brother had the time of his life!
Joseph walsh
Samstag, 25. September 2021 um 10:34

High alpine tour is over….it was amazing. More than we could have hoped for! Became better riders from Michael’s instruction as well. Superb! Again next yr… maybe the Pyrenees
Montag, 20. September 2021 um 16:27

It looks great - enjoy your time guys
Andy Kurdy
Sonntag, 19. September 2021 um 18:07

Michael is a fabulous guide and and helpful with information and riding tips! Outstanding experience!
Sonntag, 19. September 2021 um 16:15

Michael is a terrific guide. He is honing our mountain riding technique while we share our American slang!


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