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Pyrenees, offering everything a biker wants

Freitag, 15. Oktober 2021 | Jan Van der Jagt / Pablo Piferrer | Europa

Day 1: Casteldeffels to Peramola

What a view from our gorgeous hotel! The glistening Mediterranean see and lovely smelling pinetrees.
After a wonderful first piece of road we arrive at our first highlight: Montserrat! An 11 centuries old monastery on top of the hills.
Some off our American biker friend are enjoying their coffee and the view. You can see the Mediterranean see!
Lunch on top of the mountain at Cardona. An almost 1000 year old castle with a 360° view of the area.
The first riding day is going very well! As a reward we visit the Bassella motorcycle museum. Many bikes, some more than 100 years old, in mint condition.
How much would this ol' Indian be worth?
Did we have a good day? Of course!

Rest day in Peramola

Rest day? Not really! Everyone was to eager to ride. First highlight of the day is Coll de Boixol. A beautiful ride into the mountains!
and what a view! No wonder everyone is so excited!
And then, on top of the mountains again with a lovely view, Pablo has made the famous Edelweiss Picknick. With many local product he has produced a lunch worthy at least a Michelin star!
Like hungry wolfs...!
This is how a holiday should be like: excelent riding, good food and good company!
With new energy in the body it's time to move on.
And our neighbours? They were happy we didn't eat any cow meat.
We got some saffron mill caps!!
The guys at the hotel cooked them for us
Good meat to accompany. Food is awesome here.
Loading up the bike from the rest day.

Day 4: from Peramola to Carcassonne

And a nice flight out starts our day
After departure from Peramola we drove along a very nice mountain pass into Andorra. Coming over the mountains we had a beautiful view into the valley. There we had coffee and a surprise visit of some of the wives.
And lunch next to the church of Ax-les-thermes. A lovely, old town dating back to the time of the Romans.
And Jo had his zen moment in front of the casino.
And after lunch we had Col des Trabesses. A classic mountain pass, Stelvio style but without any traffic!
Riding through a long gorge, along side a river it was nice and cool. Had to wait for some road construction but that gave us time to enjoy the scenery!
The old town is spectacular

Day 5: Carcassonne

A short rest day ride to be able to enjoy the town in the afternoon
All listening to the briefing
Pic de Nore
The old. Town of Minerva
Great salad, work of art

Day 6: from Carcassonne to Mollo

After a short hike up the mountain we came at Peyrepertuse fortress.
A spectacular ride along Gorge de Galamus. A very narrow and winding road, which partly is cut out of the rocks.
And again, another famous Edelweiss Picknick with many local products.

Day 7: from Mollo to Castelldefels

Celebrating Joe's birthday!
And after our last dinner together, a final group picture. New friendships have been made. We will miss each other and hopefully we'll see each other again!


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Samstag, 16. Oktober 2021 um 23:48

This looks amazing! I would love to dp it once in my life!
David Abbott
Freitag, 15. Oktober 2021 um 14:45

Hello to all of my new friends, everyone on this tour for making memories that we will all remember for a lifetime. I am thrilled to have met you all and looking forward to see you all again to reminisce about the adventures we have had and to make memories. Thank you all
Michaela Achatzi
Donnerstag, 23. September 2021 um 10:56

Hallo Bea und Jürg,

Schön euch auf der Pyrenäen Tour zu sehn , hat es nun geklappt!!
Viele tolle Kurven und fun mit Pablo und Jan

Auf bald
Freitag, 15. Oktober 2021 um 15:27

Hi Michaela es war eine tolle Tour, wieder mit super Guides, wir haben es sehr genossen. Die nächste Tour ist schon in der Planung


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