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EXPO 2020 Dubai - extended visit after Tour of UAE and Oman

Sonntag, 27. März 2022 | Angela | News / Asien

Some riders of our Scouting tour of Oman and UAE have added a 2 days extension to visit the EXPO 2020 in Dubai.

The morning after our arrival back from Oman, Janet, Ray, Karl, Helmut, Klaus and myself took the train to the outskirts of Dubai and spent the whole day at the exhibition.
The entrance to the EXPO areal by itself is already impressive
The huge entrance dome is a popular place to take pictures
Various structures between the pavillions allow for a walk in the shade.
As beautiful as they are, it is most welcome to hop into one of the buildings to enjoy the cool air inside the pavillions every once in a while.
We either went past or inside of quite a lot of pavillions. They are all an eye-catcher same from the inside as well as from the outside.

Hello Austria ...
... and next door Switzerland.
Although for sure well deserved the visit, the queue at the Saudi pavillion was too long for us.
The Chinese Pavillion was nice, but not the most beautiful, we agreed
Tadschikistan and ...
... Russia
Belarus and ...
... the Ukrain were close by.
Unbelievable how many peoole showed their solidary for the Ukrainian people.
The Polish pavillion
Here is the Omani pavillion, which we unanimously found to be the most beautiful of all.
Of course, the main topic was the tree of frankinsence, which is home to Oman.
Jordan was at least as impressive, featuring the Siq that leads into the ancient Nabathean town of Petra
They also had a room displaying typical Jordanian music. From the different places marked on the floor either the music or the vocal sounds were more predominant to allow you to enjoy the individual experiences.
Syria had a really stunning display, too. Talking about Syria's history, obviously, it is all about language and storytelling.
To my surprise, Yemen showed a great melange between their history, and a pro-active and modern mindset
The local Dubai Expo actors gathering for a group picture
Finding this comfortable train wagon only for women and children was another positive surprise on the way back.
Are you ready for a spectacular dinner?
In the evening we were enjoying a delicious meal right on the water next to Burj Khalifa.
Even though the light show and the fountain show take place every 30 mins, they are a spectacular experience each time. We never got tired watching it.


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Chiara Van Doorn
Dienstag, 29. März 2022 um 08:33

Wow, very impressive!
Sarah Mair
Montag, 28. März 2022 um 15:52

Looks great


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