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Pyrenees EXTREME 4PE2203

Freitag, 10. Juni 2022 | Andreas Fetzer | Europa

Day1 Castelldefels

Welcome dinner on the terasse with Seaview!

Day 2: Castelldefels to OS de Balaguer

Our first Coffee Break on the Tour: Monserrat in the background
Fantastic ride and views on the Col de Boixols

Day 4 Pamplona San Sebastian Pamplona

Not even a flat tyre can stop us from having fun!!
Fantastic views and beautiful tiny villages on our way back
Pamplona-The place where the brave people gather for the Sanfermina (the famous bull run)

Day 5: Pamplona to Luz St Saveur

Picnic just before the rain came
So pretty

Day 6: Luz St Saveur to Tarascon sur Ariege

New day with perfect weather
Start in the new beautiful day: already the view from the hotel Parking is promising!!
Col de Tourmalet - there is a reason why this pass is so famous!!
More Col du Tourmalet
Those take it a lot more chilly today than us


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Michaela Achatzi
Freitag, 10. Juni 2022 um 23:39

Hey Andres ,

It is so nice to see my rascals from 2018.
I’m on this tour now BOE and I miss you.
Have a great time in motorcycle paradise

Hug Michaela


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