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SPT 22060 Berlin to Munich + BMW DAYS

Montag, 11. Juli 2022 | Axel Gert Schneider | Europa

First highlight on our last riding day - Klobenstein to Erding - one last look back on a breathtaking week
Day 8: Kaprun to Klobenstein
No rain can stop us on day 7
One of our stops at day 6
A last picture in Dresden and then it was time to move on - next Stop Bastei and ......
Dresden at night
Welcome to the Start of the Berlin to Munich tour and on top 3 Days at the BMW DAYS 2022

Day 1 / 2 and 3 at the BMW Days in Berlin

Welcome to the show for Berlin to Munich

Welcome to the Berlin to Munich tour


In the first 3 days of our tour, we will explore Berlin and of course the world famous BMW Days.


The mixture of culture and Bmw motorcycle culture leaves nothing to be desired by bikers. Numerous exhibitors present countless add-on parts that make a BMW unique. There are also stunt shows and test drives that can fill the whole day. On the second day there was our welcome briefing where we presented our tour to the customers in detail. Day number three will show us Berlin from its historical side and then the long-awaited motorcycle keys will be handed over.

And on Monday it's finally going south - Dresden, here we come will be the topic.


Well then - check back in if you want to hear more about our tour


The place to be for discovering the world of Bmw Motorcycle
There is also the option to meet us and ask everything want you want know about edelweiss bike tours
Live music at the BMW Days Berlin
Live Bands on the Stage at the Bmw Days
Dinner at the BMW Days with good Musik
Let’s rock the evening

Day 4: Berlin to Dresden

Servus, as we say in Austria, on day 1 of our tour - from Berlin to Dresden


So how do you best describe the day?


To be honest, leaving a big city and the capital of Germany at that is no fun and never will be. But even this city is not infinite

So then, after a small traffic light marathon out of Berlin, we dived into the lake landscape of the Heidesee Nature Park tand also we ride along the Spreewald. The surrounding area is dotted with over 800 lakes and is an Eldorado of pleasure for water sports enthusiasts from Berlin. The landscape himself around the roads along the way ist pure farming land and a big source of grain that we mostly need for the good dark bred of germany. Well, at some point you have to strengthen yourself and we did one of the many lakes. then we went to Dresden - and you shouldn't arrive too late there!!! Because Dresden is a city that is unparalleled - shaped by history - and the numerous small streets on top  - you should definitely explore the old town. What a beautiful city in the heart of Saxony.


Tomorrow we continue to Prague, which, as you can hear, should also be very beautiful - how beautiful you can see here tomorrow. We will now enjoy a local beer at Brauhaus Watzke and we are already looking forward to tomorrow


Anastasia Rainer and I


Until tomorrow - See you


Lunch Time
Good night Dresden

Day 5: Dresden to Praha

Goodbye Dresden and Praha here we come
A last picture in Dresden and let’s go to Prag

What can I say about this day!?


In total it has been 245 km and the weather was just great!!!!


But to leave Dresden is not easy - not because of the road, the traffic - simply it is such a nice city with all the history which has been around us - all in one we felt in love with Dresden. If you have never been there you should go!


After the last sign of Dresden has disappeared in the rearview mirror, it was time for the first highlight of the day - it was time for the Bastei!!! One of the famous places of Dresden. The Bridge, created out of limestone is such an eycatcher. And so it went on and around 300 pictures has been taken by our costermers.

On top we tried a local cake which should give us power for the rest of the day.


On the way to Prague, the journey went through the national parks on both the German and the Czech side.

These streets are straight out of a book - a dream


We unexpectedly had lunch at a different place because a road was closed and we had to take a small detour later.


All in all, we keep coming south where several small streets are waiting for us.


Well, we're going to Prague now and there will be pictures later!


in that sense see you tomorrow

A last picture in Dresden and then it was time to move on - next Stop Bastei and ......
Welcome high above the river elbe at the famous place Bastei
Limestone formations all over the place
Welcome to Praha
After the ride it was time to see if Praha is nicer as Dresden or the other way around!?
I would say: there is no winner - the city's have to be once seen by each of you out there

Day 6: Praha to Krumlov

Let's role on - let's get closer to the mountains !!!!


Today we continued south (Krumlov) because we want to go to the Alps - the place to be for riders like us. The same process as always and a detailed briefing in the morning and then the motorcycles started. Getting out of Prague via the cobblestone streets is a kind of adventure but nothing where you must be worried about and so we went out of Praha. The Landscape reminds us on the first day of riding - everything is mor than less flat and a farming area. Along lonely roads along numerous fields brought us to the next highlight during the day - Budweiser - where we couldn't drink anything but beer to go is also an option - so we packed some of the good beer in our motorbikes to have them as a reward reach the hotel

Overall, this day is a must because the fun starts tomorrow, we dive into the world of the mountains where numerous curves and passes are waiting for us. That's why on this tour it feels like it's Christmas - just one more sleep and there are gifts in our case curves curves curves!!!!!!!!


I'm already looking forward to kidnapping our group into the mountains of Austria and Italy in the next few days.


A big thank you also goes to Anistacia - she is the young woman who takes care of our luggage and organizes everything on site in the hotels so that when we arrive we can go  straight to our room and we always have free parking spaces!!!!


Thanks for the great job

So now it's time to discover the little town of Krumlov.

See you tomorrow then - after our first real curve day

Our Lunch Spot Surrounded from the history
Welcome at Budvar ( since 1265 - I would say that's a long time since they produce beer )
Krumlov - a Place where you will fall in love with

All The smale streets and restaurants - I like it

Day 7: Krumlov to Kaprun

Waking up in the small village of Krumlov is quite nice

Today we will cross the fingers that we have no rain from Bad Ischl to Kaprun because the first curvy mountain roads are waiting for us - let’s see what the day brings up

What a day!!!

Let's put it this way: washing motorcycles is done!!!


But first how did we start:

In Krumlov itself it was cloudy today but pleasant and a good breakfast accompanied the start of the day. Then we took the shuttle from the hotel to the motorbikes, since the old town where we slept is car-free. Well, and then it started on winding roads through the Czech hinterland in the direction of Linz. Linz itself awaited us with a lot of red traffic lights, which meant that our schedule was a bit behind. Then we continued in the direction of Traunsee and Attasee, one of the most well-known lakes here in the Salzburg region. In addition, a very delicious lunch with sushi and other Asian delicacies. Strengthened we went afterwards back on the motorbikes, however, the rain shouldn't have been the last on the way there - but what the heck - there is rain accompaniment and even those who hadn't had any until Dresden they had made a bargain in the Czech Republic the day before and were therefore also well equipped!


The next destination was called Poststrasse - a road winding through the mountains, which surprised one or the other with a few waterfalls due to the rain. Today's final destination was Kaprun, where we arrived a little later than usual due to the weather, but that wasn't a problem either, as Anistacia had already organized a table for us in the restaurant, so the last mission was a shower and off to dinner.


Well, if you should give the day a name then it would probably be - curvy rain.


Now we hope that the next day will be a little better because we want to go high tomorrow - the Großglockner road is calling - and tomorrow's goal is Klobenstein near Bozen.


See you tomorrow then - the rain devils from the Berlin to Munich tour


Lunch with a view
A little coffee break to warm up again and then we went down the Poststraße
Even in rain there is alway a viewpoint where you can see the beauty of the Austrian mountains

Day 8: Kaprun to Klobenstein

From zero to hero

That would probably be the title of today


The start of the day, well how should I put it: Kaprun will not have a drought period in the next few months. It was cold, it was raining, so practically the same way it stopped yesterday, this morning is for sure something what you not ask for if you open the window in the morning !!!


The Grossglockner High Alpine Road was the first destination on the program - and with this weather - there are definitely better things to do. But hey, if you don't dare, you don't win - in this sense the journey started in the direction of the toll station and there is a live stream from above - where we want/should go - I'll put it this way: 0 degrees and 40 km/h wind didn't necessarily help the good mood. So first a hot chocolate and see if it gets better. after 45 minutes we just started - the weather is still the same but we try. The way up led us through dense cloud fields and the distance what you can see was mostly only 10 meters, but when we arrived at the top there was one or the other hole in the cloud cover, which gave an idea of how beautiful and impressive it is up here. At the same time, I spread the good news that it will be a fantastic day from Lienz!! What that means!? Look at these pictures - it's hard to describe! It was just fantastically beautiful to drive through the Dolomites over around 3000 curves!!! – you don’t believ that? Come over and ride with us and I promise we will prove ist Passes like Passo Giau or Fadai or or or..... made this day an unforgettable experience. I think we'll see each other again soon because our Vietnamese travelers are the first time in the Alps and as big as their eyes were today, they fell in love with the Alps/ Dolomites! Oh, such days should never end! Unfortunately, tomorrow is already our last day, and we will drive to Erdingen via the Penser Joch. But every end is also known to be just before the beginning of a new adventure. Well, the day was long and impressive, so today we will fall into the bed and surely dream of this ride. Thanks for the great ride with you.




Grossglockner High Alpine Road The first target on mission day 8 - only 5 minutes later the cuttend of clouds has been closed again - sad but a least we got this view
Here we go - blue sky is not far away
I would say lunch with a nice view and it was tasty as well
Mr. Strong is ready to roll
What a day and what a weather - from 0 C to lovely 20 C
Sugar and Baby - to two they felt in love withe the mountains roads over here
What a view !!!!!!
Sometimes, there are moments witch take your breath away- and also there are moments where you lean back and you figure out how nice this place of planet earth is
Do you like it mr. Milow? - I would say the picture tells everything

Day 9: Klobenstein to Erding

Servus from the last driving day of our tour


Mixed feelings are looming, on the one hand we are looking forward to a wonderful new day here in the alps, but it is also the last day of our tour!!! That means when we park the motorcycles today it's already over - unfortunately!


There were exciting days with the BMW DAY's in Berlin, down to the rainy rides that motorcyclists try to avoid and of course days when the weather and the roads couldn't have been better!!!!!!!!!!! 

So then start together one last time and that here in Klobenstein to Erding - motorcyclist heart what more could you want. Down to the Sarnen valley-  it was just a pleasure to put the motorcycle from one curve to the next. Then we went in the direction of the Penser Joch, which in turn is just as much fun, and then we drove down to Sterzing – curves curves and curves – did I say curves!? It went on and on and on – just wonderful here. What a start to the day! A good lunch was added, and the journey continued to Achensee and Tegernsee. Even though it wasn't very warm today, 2 of us went swimming in the achensee 

- crazy but true


For the rest of the day's drive, we reminisced about the past few days and what we've experienced. Now it was time to fill up once again and off to the hotel.


Now we are no longer tour guides and customers, we are a real little family, the farewell is getting closer and closer and also the moment of a last hugs.  It was great to ride with all of you and I will miss you all - you were a crazy bunch of rider!!!


I wish you a safe journey home and hope that our paths will cross again in the not too distant future






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Michaela Achatzi
Dienstag, 5. Juli 2022 um 14:41

Have a great trip
See you in Munich
Ciao Michaela
Axel Schneider
Mittwoch, 6. Juli 2022 um 17:32

See you later
Helmut Wonisch
Dienstag, 5. Juli 2022 um 10:15

A wonderful and amazing trip to everybody!
Dieter Arnoth
Montag, 4. Juli 2022 um 12:48

Have fun
Axel Schneider
Montag, 4. Juli 2022 um 23:33

Thanks buddy hope to see you soon


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