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High Alpine tour

Sonntag, 17. Juli 2022 | Jan Van der Jagt / Helmut Wonisch | Europa / Italien

First day. Welcome to Erding!

Welcome brieving to get everybody ready for our tour
Lovely to see so much enthusiasm!

1st riding day: From Erding to Lienz

First brieving of the first riding day. All are very excited!
Ready to ride!
I am hungry! Hard decisions!
Lunch at the beautiful Pillersee
This is our fabelous group
The bikes are great
Sweeper and Tourguide dont need words.
Fantastic view to the Großglockner
Großglockner Edelweissspitze

2nd riding day: into the Dolomites!

Coffeestop at Lake Misurina. It beats Starbucks
The view at this lake is unbelievable
After a wonderful ride we came at passo di Falzarego
And we went up with the cable car to the top of the mountain
Helmut mad us a delicious picknick
Food to please the body and soul
And on we went thrue the Dolomites
After a refreshing swim in the pool we ended this perfect day with a lovely dinner

3rd riding day, Restday in Bozen with loop Mendelpass

Restday in Bozen
Castle Katzenzungen
And some went to see Ötzi the iceman
The biggest wein of the world
Coffe break on Penegal. Tracy, Philipp and Tariq

4th riding day: from Bolzano, via passo di Stelvio, to Pontresina in Switzerland

We made it! On top of stelvio pass
And having the famous sausages from Bruno
Leticia is very happy!
The "Bootbeer" was refreshing
Jens und Jan beim Hochgenuss
And at the end of the day a well deserved swim in the pool at our hotel in Switzerland

5th riding day: from Pontresina to Warth

A well deserved Picknick with the mountains at the background
We entered Liechtenstein. Jeff was very happy.
Looking for the duke in his castle
And finally, we found him, sitting on his throne.
And here we are with the whole group! One big happy family in the Alps

6th riding day: from Wrath to Erding

The highlight of the day: castle Neuschwanstein!
From up close it's even more impressive!
Lunch in a little farmers village with huge Burgers!
Leaving the Alps behind us and entering Bavaria
The last coffee stop of our tour at the brewery in Aying. They serve alcohol free beer too!


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Montag, 18. Juli 2022 um 16:50

We had an absolute amazing experience! The scenery was indescribable and I will treasure the beauty of all our destinations ♥️ Thank you Jens and Helmut for being our fearless leaders. Much love from Idaho
Montag, 18. Juli 2022 um 16:52

Jan was our fearless leader but I also enjoyed Jens
Sonntag, 17. Juli 2022 um 19:11

With this pictures, I really get pleasure riding with you.
Mittwoch, 13. Juli 2022 um 08:27

Its always impressing to see the mighty rocks of the dolomites.
Dienstag, 12. Juli 2022 um 05:12

Beautiful roads, beautiful pictures. Keep on rolling.
Helmut Wonisch
Mittwoch, 13. Juli 2022 um 16:05

Thanks Martin. Throttle is open


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