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NTC2202 Touring Center Norway

Donnerstag, 14. Juli 2022 | Angela | Europa

Another Touring Center Norway has started out a couple of days ago. A group of South Korean riders, and a rider each from Austria, Germany and the USA have found together to get to ride in Norway's most beautiful areas around the city of Ålesund.

Every day we were following the weather forcast very closely to find out in which of the areas the weather was best, and then we scheduled the days in accordingly. 

So this is the reason why I did not want to present you the riding days in a fixed order, but rather show you a potpourri of pictures of the riders, the landscapes, and the riding you get to see and do here in Norway.

You are welcome to enjoy the tour with us through our pictures.

The city of Ålesund is the base of our tour. Every day we take another loop into a different area. In the evening we come back to Ålesund.

Here they are - the riders of this tour

Water is omnipresent here in Norway. Get an impression of the numerous waterfalls running down the mountains.

A ride along one of the countless fjord shores

The landscapes here in Norway are so beautiful - it is almost unbelievable !!

The ride down on the other side of the Trollstigen, one of Norway's most famous pass roads.



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Montag, 18. Juli 2022 um 17:15

Thank you Angela for the professional and empathic guidance of the Tour. Surprisingly the culture clash between Korea, Germany, USA and Austria wasn´t that bad - it was funny and now I have friends in really foreign countries Thanks to Edelweis to make this possible !

Best regards, Ernst Trauner
Judi & Brian
Donnerstag, 14. Juli 2022 um 15:02

Oh wow! This tour looks amazing! Looking forward to riding here. We don’t have long to wait
Angela de Haan
Donnerstag, 14. Juli 2022 um 20:19

Hi Judi & Brian,
Yes indeed, the beautyful Norwegian landscape is mindboggling !!
I am looking forward to being on tour with you again


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