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Alps Extreme 2204

Samstag, 20. August 2022 | Michael Göbel | Europa

Day 1 Arrival im Mieming 

Everybody made it in time for the welcome briefing. Hank and Andre used the first day to improve their riding skills on the Edelweiss riding scool. We had a great time while learning....

Day  2  Mieming - Prutz - 200 km

Our first riding day started in the rain,  but the sun came out after the first coffee stop and we kept fry the rest of the day. Going up to the Kaunertaler Glacier was the highlight, 29 hairpins up and 29 hairpins down. What a ride in breathtaking scenery!

Day 3 - Prutz - Penegal  - 260 km

What a great riding day! Some really challenging passes like Passo di Stelvio or Gavia and the group did absolutely well. Everybody is worn out but happy.

The boot beer at the spectacular terrass at Penegal tasted fantastic.

Day 4 - Penegal - Levico - 250 km

Compared to the challenging roads yesterday,  it was quite easy, but still very enjoyable. Different scenery,  well paved roads and as a highlight we had 40 hairpins in a row at Monte Bondone. Great riding fun. 

Day 5 - Restday Levico - 270 km

Unfortunately the weather conditions were not so good on our rest day, but two fearless riders, Andre and Eyal did not mind the rain and went for a ride to Lake Garda.

We had some very twisty roads and could improve our riding skills in the rain. We found shelter in my cabin in the mountains and had a nice lunch. 

The rest of the group had a real rest day. 

Day 6 - Levico - Rasen - 280 km 

What a wonderful riding day! The Dolomites were our playground today. 13 passes, about 600 hairpins and over 4000 curves. Passo di Giau was the best!

Even the weather conditions were fine, no rain. All riders in the group did really well and got off the bike with a big smile. And Connie our pillion enjoyed it as well.

Day 7 - Rasen - Mieming  - 250 km

Unfortunately our last riding day. Riding fun till the end, some smaler passes and the famous Timmelsjoch with its motorcycle museum at the top. We just made it to our hotel before the rain started.

Im am proud of this group! Well done!

See you on the next Extreme Tour!



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Connie Schwedes
Sonntag, 21. August 2022 um 16:12

Thank you Michael for an unforgettable week! Andre, Eyal, Philip and Jeff, it was a pleasure to ride with you. We had a terrific time.
Connie and Hank
Freitag, 19. August 2022 um 18:26

What a fantastic tour. Wished I could ride with you !


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