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2TU: Scooter Tour Toscana

Freitag, 16. September 2022 | Julian Fischer | Europa / Italien

Day 6: Last day in Italy, where we learned to make pasta

Silvia, out italian chef is showing us the italian way to make pasta
time to try it by or own...
should be enough gnocchi for a day
Eduardo, our brazilian cooking chef in action
I am not sure here what she got asked here, but her face expression is the same like our waiter when we asked him for tabasco (for the pasta)
of course a tiramisu as a dessert is always a good option
The chianti region is not only famous for the wine...
...did you know that there are also famous olive oil producers here- we got to taste 9 different one

Day 5- the golden eye of florence

beautiful view, even when we knew there will be oncoming rain...
we made it dry to Arezzo, the highlight of the day
Did you know, that in Arezzo they need 10tons of gold every month to produce their famous jewelry?
While we ate, we heard the thunderstorm coming....
...so we decided to put our raingear on, just in time, the thunderstorm hit us pretty well
Its not about the weather, its about the gear.
After a short but heavy rain, there was the sun showing up again
well, THAT is a driveway....
Our tourguide relaxing with his second coffee while everybody was waiting for him this time - how invigorating.

Day 4: Maybe the most famous butt in the world

We start our day with the probably most famous butt in the world, in the back you see Michelangelos David looking to the cathedral of Florence.
Tuscany landscape is indeed just lovely, escpecially while riding on a italian vespa.
Sightseeing in Siena, where we had lunch at the mainsquare
Unbelievable, but behind me you see a brazilian who waits for the whole rest of the group. Eduardo is always on point!
On the way back to Florence, we did another stop in Radda in Chianti, a very tiny cute town with a typical italian architecture.

Day 3: All about riding in Tuscany

First Stop, the famous Mugello Curcuit. Too much sun for the tourguide...
did you know that before the curcuit was built, until 1969 the people blocked the roads on sundays to do their races?
this days it is like our taiwanese groupmember said an "all you can eat curve-buffet"
Group did well by the way
and yes, there will be oncoming traffic in small italian roads like this
some have stolen the mugello helmet...

Day 2: First impression of Italian traffic

Looks like evervybody is familiar with scooters and staggered riding is already in their blood, coming out of town now and heading into the chianti-region
San Gimignano- the Manhattan of the Tuscany - it is definitly worth a visit!
When you visit italian towns, you should always take turns where are no tourists, so you can see the little backgardens of the locals.
After all this sightseeing, we are heading back to the hotel- of course we took the scenic route through the breathtaking landscape of chiantis hills

Day of Arrival / Guided City Tour Florence

Lets get the tour started, this time with a guided city tour in the heart of toscana, the charming Florence. In this pictures we are standing on the famous Ponte Vecchia, the okdest bridge of florence, where you can spend all your money in all of its jewelrystores located here.

Next stop, the cathedral of florence. With the tower of Giotto, which we climbed up...

...to enjoy this breathtaking 360 degree view over florence and the toscanay sourrounding it.

Did you know, that Michelangelo was the first artist that time, who displayed naked woman in that particular way, it was kind of a small scandal at first, but then other artists followed him and it became normal. 

after all this sightseeing what could be better than a typical italian pizza?



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Chiara Van Doorn
Donnerstag, 15. September 2022 um 15:38

Looking good guys, have fun!


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