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RTV2202 - Alpen Deluxe

Dienstag, 27. September 2022 | Johanna Reiser / Markus Hellrigl | Europa / Italien

Welcome to Seefeld, welcome to our Tour de luxe!

Day 1 - Riding school

While others still arrived in Seefeld the Edelweiss Riding School started. Some time in the class room, after that challenging exercises at the parking and after that a great ride on nearby mountain roads. 

At 5 pm Johanna and Markus started the Welcome Brieifing to tell us, what to exspect the next ten days. Looking foreward!

Weatherforecast promised rain but there is 4 happy riders at Seefeld starting into a sunny Edelweiss Riding school day!
After all the theorie we finally got to the training ground
Chip and Homer watching
After practice we went out for a wonderful ride

Day 2: from Tyrol to Tyrol into another world

Saturday morning, raining cats and dogs in Seefeld, fog and +2° C on top of Timmelsjoch - can we do it or not?  Markus decided "Yes" and so we took off dressed in heavy rain gear. But the closer we got to the high pass the better it got. At the toll station it was still foggy, but coming around the corner the wind has torn up the clouds and the fog and an astonishing view was offered. Mind blowing!

Descending on the south slope it got warmer and warmer and after lunch we explored Val Ultimo, did many more curves on Passo Mendola and arrived at our final destination - at wonderful Castle Korb.

Take-off under the rain and snow Covered trees. Direction: southwards!
Toll station Timmelsjoch at 7:30 am! What will we do?
Timmelsjoch 3 hours later - we made it!
Our hotel for tonight, Schlosshotel Korb
A worthy place for our motorcycles to be - next to Bentley, classic Mercedes and Lambo

Day 3: Eppan to - hidden passes

Like in a movie scene - Johanna doing the briefing
Can't wait to get out here!
Val del Mis
Another castle we stay at - Castel Brando - what a place!

Day 4: Castel Brando to Bassano di Grappa

It was ashort riding day. Starting out and diving into the Prosecco area was fabulous and it was not only the eye, that was delighted, you also could smell, that it is the time of ripe grapes and croping. Stopping at one of the wineries with an excellent viewpoint we got to overlook the wonderful area. Soon after we started to climb Monte Grappa on a road so small, you cannot imagine. It turned out, that the road was closed because of a rockslide on the very top, so we had to turn around.

Sunrise, seen from Castel Brando
Morning Briefing by Markus
That's were we slept last night
Road to the top of Monte Grappa
Chip checking the wideness of the road!
Finally we arrived in Bassano di Grappa, famous for the Ponte Vecchio and the old part of town

Day 5: Bassano di Grappa to Verona

Johanna giving the morning briefing
Johanna guiding the group out of Bassano di Grappa
Passo di Vezzena
A lunch which makes Ulrich a happy man: 3 pices of art cake...
View to Verona
Life is good!

Restday in Verona

Time for a rest day, even nobody took a rest. Some went to explore Venice, some explored Verona and only a handfull of riders went to see Lago di Garda. It turned out, that there are still tons of tourists from alöl over Europe enjoying the still summerly weather. But nevertheless it was worth to see!

For dinner we went to Verona to experience the best wine resotto at Pane e Vino, one of the number one places in town. And not to forget, it was Ric's birthday.

The four "Ohios" in Sirmione
Verona main square
At Pane e Vino
Happy birthday Rick!!!

Day 7: Verona to Lago di Garda

Heading out of Verona was easier than thought, pretty soon we were on small roads leading through the backcountry in the north of VeronaSouth of Roveretto we switched to the other side of the Alto Adige Valley and started to climb the hills and mountains on the other side. On top of Passo Bordola a surprise was awaiting us. This time not organized by the tour guides, but nevertheless an outstanding highlight. 72 various Ferraris from countries all over the world including USA and Canada participating at a rally were passing a checkpoint on the pass. After we were allowed to continue we stopped for a special lunch at the Casa del Vino della Vallagarina and climbed Monte Baldo afterwards. Finally we got to the shores of Lago di Garda and took a ferry across.

...some last minute tecnical adjustments...
...take off!
Ferraris participating a rally crossed our path before lunch. We were told there are only 72 of them. Sensational!
One of the old ones
Lunch at Casa del Vino
At Monte Baldo, Lago di Garda in the background
Crossing the lake

Day 8: Lago di Garda to Bormio

Breakfast with lake view
How many people you need to move one bike?
Goodbye Garda lake!
Val Vestino
Cafe stop at Idro lake
Passo Crocedomini
Musst be the thin air up there which makes (alomst) everyone feel like a marmot...
very nice to meet!
Come ride with me!
Arrival at the hotel in Bormio
Dinner with style

Day 9: Last riding day northwards - back to Seefeld

The weatherforecast was not the best - they were talking about snow on Passo Stelvio. So we took off in the morning climbing towards the pass and got pretty soon into thick fog. Everybody clinging to the frontman's taillight we worked our way up the mountain. At the road fork to Umbrail Pass visibility was almost zero and the first snowflakes started to mix with the drizzle - so we skipped the last three kilometers to the very top because there was nothing to see anyway. Instead we cruised down Umbrail, visited the Monestary In Müstair and got in time to Glurns. After a short walk through the old town and lunch we headed towards Mieming with a quick stop at Lago Resia.

Ready to climb up towards Stelvio!
Where the hell is Passo Stelvio?
Monestario Müstair
Grapes are hanging high
The Steeple of Lago Resia
Stop at Gacher Blick - a spectacular viewpoint


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Homer Rogers
Samstag, 15. Oktober 2022 um 05:36

Markus and Johanna,

Just wanted to let you know that I have been back to riding. I thank you for all you taught me and the experience. I especially thank you for the support. We had a nice ride on Wednesday and we are going backnout again on Saturday. May God bless you both!
Samstag, 24. September 2022 um 22:03

Als Tourguides einzelnd super, als Team unschlagbar.
Danke für eine wundervolle Zeit in den Alpen.
Montag, 26. September 2022 um 09:11

Hallo Ulrich,
danke für die gestreuten Rosen! Es war toll, dich dabei gehabt zu haben, dein Humor und deine Energie sind bewundernswert.
Homer Rogers
Samstag, 17. September 2022 um 22:50

We are having to time of our lives! Great tour guides! Markus and Johanna are the best!


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