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Best of Balkans (SPT22040)

Samstag, 1. Oktober 2022 | Mike Woltering / Helmut Wonisch | Europa

Welcome to Vienna

The bikes are ready and lined up waiting for their riders.
First things first, we start our tour with the famous and informative Welcome Briefing.

Day 1: Vienna (AT) to Kromeriz (CZ)

Everyone is listening to Helmuts daily briefing to know about the highlights of the day and much more.

The start in Vienna was dry....

...but after 30 min we decidet to wear our raingear.

The border to the çhec republic is nearely invisible. 

As our hotel is right in the town center we can enjoy this beautiful city by night as well.

Day 2: Kromeriz (SK) to Hodrusa-Hamre (SK)

Interesting how they painted their houses here in Cicmany. If you wanna know why they did it, I´d recommend to come on tour with us.
The entrance gate to the famous fairytale castle Bojnice here in Slowakia.

Day 5: Oradea - Odorheiu Secuiesc

Cafe stop.... was by coincudence very nice there.
We had a good parking on the mainsquare.
The Turda saltmine is spectacular
It is huge and very strange too.

Day 7: Brasov to Sibiu

Castle Bran.
Not much phantasy is needet to imagine that Dracula was housing here.
... and yes the story of Dracula the impalar brings many tourists.
... no more tourists... theese scheep and goats are everywhere.
In Fagărăś we had a nice restaurant for lunch.
And after that some need a nap...
... others went to the beautiful and brand new church.
You have to know. It was sunday
Sibiu is a calm and nice city

Day 9 Sibiu to Bucarest

Today was the last riding day. The high mountain road "Transfăgărasan" is 2000m high. Lucky we were, no snow on the street and good wheather
The guests were amazed and so the tourguide is happy too. Everybody had a phantastic ride.
So everybody reachet Bucarest where we had dinner at the rooftop of our Hotel.
After recapitulation it was time to say goodbye.
Some impressions of Bucarest.


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Sonntag, 25. September 2022 um 10:02

Interesting locations. I have never been there by motorbike. Did you also find beautiful rouds, how is tbe traffic? Have a nice journey. Greatings Martin.


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