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Alps Extreme 4AE2206

Mittwoch, 12. Oktober 2022 | Andreas Fetzer | Europa

Toblach - Mieming

What a view from our briefing location in the early morning - the terrace of our hotel! Can´t we stay here another day?? (or even settle down?)
narrow roads are good - no traffic there but stunning views almost after each curve!!
incredible: The motorcycle museum on top of the famous Timmelsjoch: impressive! But who had the idea to set up this museum on such a remote place??
Back to Austria - no sun any more..... That´s our road down towards the Inn-valley
Switchbacks even on the Cappucino when we stopped on top of the Jaufen-pass - great!

Day 6: Levico T to Toblach

Helen writing a small message in the "Peak-Book" on top of the Manghen-Pass (this book is quite hidden, you need to know where to find it But it is at the same place for decades already.....)
Finally inside the Dolomites - they are magic!

Day 5: Rest Day ride: The day of the lakes

first view to the lake Garda - coming from the north. A lot of sailing boats and windsurfers are enjoying this beautiful day!
Lago di Valvestino
Picnic time at Michael´s beautiful place
Lake Idro

Day 4: Mount Penegal to Levico Terme

what a view from our balconies in the morning - high above Bolzano, the capital of south Tyrol!
Let´s go ride!
first view to the Dolomites! (No, we don´t go there yet today...!)
Lago di Molveno - beautiful clear blue water, what a pity we did not bring our swim-pants with us....

Day 3: Fiss - Mount Penegal

on top of the famous Gavia-Pass
A Weizenbier after check in with this view - what an experience for our senses

Day 2: Mieming to Fiss

we started into the fog but after "climbing up a few km we left the clouds and fog below us and had a cool view and perfectly clear blue sky above us
The Alpine Coaster - longest Rollercoaster in the Alps and proabaly also the longest one in Europe: almost 4 km of phantastic fun!
What a view from our lunch-table!!
Gacher Blick: the view to the Inn-valley
Highligt: Bruno´s "highest Bratwurst in the Alps" - on top of the Stelvio Pass (almost 2800m altitude)

Arrival Day in Mieming

Tyrolian food - this is for just 2 people!


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