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Southern Spain Extreme 2202

Freitag, 28. Oktober 2022 | Michael Göbel | Europa

Day 1 - Arrival in Malaga 

Everybody made it to our start hotel,  even with some flight delays. We had a great dinner and are ready to go.

Day 2 - Malaga - Vinuela - 240 km

First riding day lrad us to tje Montes de Malaga and than to the coast for a scenic lunch at the beach. 

The afternoon ride was really twisty and challenging. Our hotel La Vinuela is just perfect. 

Day 3 - Vinuela - La Calahorra - 280 km

A very intense riding day full of curves, what an experience. Montes de Chaparal and the new paved Puerto de Raga, a 2000 meters high pass at the end of the day were the highlights. The group was doing great!

Day 4 - La Calahora - Pecina - 300 km

A day full of excellent riding in perfect conditions. The Tecica pass was the best! Tired but happy we reached our hotel in Pecina, overlooking the Mediterranean. 

Day 5 - Pecina - Aroyo Frio - 335 km

Today was a really long riding day, but some outstanding riding sections. We visited a Western Movie town, where a lot of movies were produced, than we had a great ride over the Sierra Nevada again. In the afternoon we went through the Puerto de Tiscar on a scenic and twisty road.

Bootbeer in Aroyo Frio in the Cazorla mountains. What a great day!

Day 6 - Restday Aroyo Frio - 260 km

Restday? Not for this group. Most riders did the long and challenging loop. Great ride in great scenery. The goat trail in the morning through the National Park was special!

Day 7 - Aroyo Frio - Montorro - 375 km

A real long day,  full of riding highlights! Goat tracks an racetrac like roads, we had it all. And the hotel Molino di Nava is just perfect!

Day 8 ' Montorro - Malaga - 320 km

Last riding day with some great roads! Propabely the best one was the last section going back to Malaga. Endless twisties and great views!

Everybody made it safe to our hotel. Great group! Good riders! See you on the next Extreme Tour.



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Gunther Hufnagl
Donnerstag, 27. Oktober 2022 um 21:03

Hallo Michael!
Das schaut ja recht einladend aus. Vielleicht im naechsten Jahr?


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