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UPA 2203 - Andalusia unpaved

Samstag, 5. November 2022 | Tom Friden / Andreas Fetzer | Europa

Welcome to the Andalusia unpaved tour

Bienvenido a Andalucía!

A week of enduro riding is waiting for us.

The unique Andalusian landscape impresses us from the very beginning. The Torcal National Park, with its bizarre rock formations, and the Chorro Canyon are just some of the highlights of this trip. In addition, we will explore the Sierra de las Nieves, the snow-capped mountains, and also visit the Costa del Sol with its lovely beaches.

Everything is set for an incredible journey through the remote back roads of Andalusia.

Our headquarter for the week…
The bikes are lined up and waiting to meet their new owners for the trip.
Everything is set for the welcome briefing.

Day 1: Pizarra - Antequera

Ladies and Gentlemen it's time to start your engines!
In favor of a soft beginning to our Enduro-Tour in Andalusia we start our first day with some exercises on loose surfaces to get used to the bikes and the conditions. After that, we'll ride the first longer gravel section through the hilly landscape of the Malaga hinterland. Almogía is one of the typical white towns of Andalusia, with narrow, cobblestone alleys and a quaint central Plaza with a café. Perfect for a break.
On our way to Antequera, a medieval Andalusian town, we explore the impressive rock formations of El Torcal. Antequera features many impressive sights and attractions like the Alcazaba, a medieval fortress, as well as numerous churches, chapels, mansions and fountains. Could there be a better place for lunch?
 In the afternoon we ride past the massive reservoir of Guadalhorce, the largest of several lakes where water for the cities of Andalusia is stored. The area features several gorges and canyons, with Garganta del Chorro being the most famous one.
From a mirador high up you can get a great overview of the area before we tackle another gravel road and ride through remote mountain regions to Ardales. Three of Andalusia's top highlights in one day, not bad, for the first day.
First briefing of the tour.

Day 4: Pizarra - Alhama de Granada

Today the longest riding day of our tour is on our schedule. The route takes us far to the east, first on extremely twisty side roads towards the Sierra de Tejeda, where a great off-road loop with some water crossings awaits us. At lunchtime we visit the small town Alhama de Granada, which should not be confused with the famous Alhambra de Granada. Alhama does not accommodate a world wonder from Moorish times, but instead it is much more relaxed and much less crowded. The afternoon offers once again a lot of riding fun on narrow, curvy side roads. A ride into the sunset completes this beautiful riding day.



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