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The Morrocco Tour is on again !!

Samstag, 5. November 2022 | Ted Goslinga | Afrika

Arrival day and guided city tour Malaga

Finally !! After an almost three year gap we are ready to go again on one of our most beautiful tours: The Morrocxo tour!

Arriving one or more days earlier the majority of the group is already eager to go to North Africa. Today we started off with a guided city tour with Guy and Classie from the  USA and Jim from Canada in Malaga. 
Always a nice warm up before the tour to see some nice and interesting highlights of this lively city! We visited the old market, the Gibralfaro and the Alcazaba castle. Having a relaxed lumch downtown and a walk along Picasso's birth place concluded this first part of the day

On top of the Gibralfaro
A nice meeting with Pablo Picasso

Riding day 1 - Malaga (Sp) to Chefchaouen (MA)

After the welcome briefing  and a nice welcome dinner together we are ready to go !

and so we headed down towards the port of Algeciras this morning to hop on the ferry to Ceuta. It all went very smooth and after a windy ferry ride we moored in the harbour of Ceuta. After. 10 minute ride we did a very easy and fast bordercrossing into Morrocco. So the North African adventure has now really started. After a late lunch we followed our way down to thenblue city of Chefchaouen where we will spend our first night

Chefchaouen by night
Goodbye Europe, Africa here we come!
Enchanting Morrocco

Riding day 2 - Chefchaouen to Azrou

Entertaining coffee stop in Oudzane
In the relaxing ambiance of Ifrane
Great wide views!

Riding day 3 - Azrou to Bin al Ouidane

Through the beautiful Mid Atlas Mountains
A lot of fun with the berber monkeea
Roadkill restaurant
Our great hotel
Happy Birthday Maureen!

Riding day 4 - Ben il Ouidane to Marrakesh

Today we woke up with a very beautiful sunrise over the voice of up areToday we woke up with a very beautiful sunrise over the reservoir lake of Bin el Ouidane. 
then we took off on the fantastic Mountain Road, back down to the main road towards Marrakesh. First visiting impressive waterfalls of Ouzoud, followed by a nice lunch in the garden of a coffee restaurants. Second part of the riding was more over flat planes with a temperature of about 35°C. So everybody seems happy that we could take a dip in the pool of our very nice hotel. We will stay here two nights to enjoy Marrakesh.

Wonderful sunrise in BennilnOuidane
Beautiful Ouzoud falls
Donkey power
Tom the Dare devil
New tourguide

Day 5 - rest day Marrakesh

What a great day we  all had! In the morning our local guide Jalil picked us up at our hotel for a nice and interesting citywalk through the old town of Marrakesh. Visiting a  mosque, strolling through the narrow alleys of the medina, visiting an hilarious herbarist and concluded it all with a relaxed roof top lunch! 
In the evening we all drove down to the Demaa al Fnaa, the big square, where we had a tasteful dinner at one of the 'stand up' restaurants and enjoyed the vivid atmosphere here. 
all togethet a memorable day with a lot of fun!

Day 7 - riding day Ait ben Haddou to Boumalne Dades

What a great riding day we had again today! Starting from our hotel in Ait ben Haddou we first took a small walking tour to the famous Village, known for its appearance in many movies. Then, after a short, hilarious photo session with camels and bikes and a great background, we paid a visit to the atlas film studios, where a lot of famous movies were shot in following the route of caravans we finally ended up in the gorge du Dades where Chris prepared us a nice picnic with a great view. Then riding a lost sport in the gorge. Everybody was free, riding in the end, returned to the beautiful hotel on top of the hill.

Day 8 - riding day Boumalne Dades to Erg Chebbi

The days are keep on going fantastic. So far not a single drop of rain, very comfortable riding temperatures, a great group of riders and a lot of fun! That’s exactly what we want on the Edelweiss tours!! Today s riding day was all about the desert area’s, the fantastic gorge of Thodra. Starting in Boulmaine dus Dades we first rode intonthat gorge and took some awesome pictures and also a cup of nice Morrocon coffee. Then following the so called route of Kasbahs where the camel caravans used to ride coming from the Sahara to Marrakesh. And after more than 300 km we areived in the Erg Chebbi desert where we hoppedmom the camels for a spectacular ride towarda our desert camp where a great dinner , some cold beers and a african drumsgownby the camelboys took place. Under a starry sky we finally laid down in a surprisingly comfortable bed. What an awesome day again!

Day 9 - rest day Erg Chebbi

With the sound of the desert still in our kinds we woke up at dawn to hop on our camels again for the ride back to our hotel. After a relaxed breakfast most of us took the opportunity to swim a bit, suntan or having a nice massage in the spa area! And then it was time in the afternoon for some excitement: wuad and buggy riding in the desert. With Chad and Mo in the buggy and the rest on wuads , we had an absolute blast blazing and ploughing through the sands. Then a sundowner at the bar terrace , followed by a great dinner. Tomorrow time again to head northbound tonFez. Great time we had in the desert!

Day 10 - riding day Erg Chebbi to Fes

Today we started early in the morning because we had more than 500 km to cover. But what a ride it was again! We saw all the beauty of Morroco in one day: Desert, palmtree area, bare mountains, green mountains, hog elevated area’s , low valleys and endiwng up in one of rhe most beautiful cities in Morrocco: Fes! Coming in at rushhour it is quite an adventure to ride through the up to our hotel which is located on top of a hill overlooking the city of Fes! Tomorrow rest day Fes with a nice city tour!!

Day 11 - rest day Fes

Sleeping in is sometimea nice. And so we did. But at 09.30 in the morning we were again up and running for a guides  city tour in and around the medina of Fes. Guided by Abdullah we strolled thrpugh different interesting places with a lot of handcraft

Day 13- final riding day. Chefchaouen to Malaga

And suddenly itnis there: the final riding day...! With a lot of mixed feelings about the awesome time behind us, we started off the day in the blue city of Chefchaouen. Taking the awesome road through the mountains north of Chefchaouen and along the coast, we all enjoyed our last miles in Morrocco. After a smooth bordercrossing and a fast ferry ride we rode our last miles towards our hotel in Malaga

Dear. Tour members, thank you all for the fantastic two weeks in the beautiful country of Morrocco. We had so much fun together, it was a pleasure riding with you all! Have safe travels wherever you go, and we hope to see you someday, somewhere on another Edelweiss tour !
All the best, Ted and Chris


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Tom Friden
Mittwoch, 2. November 2022 um 23:59

Hi Ted, enjoy Morocco and say hi to Tom.
Ted Goslinga
Freitag, 4. November 2022 um 15:11

Done , Tom
Sonntag, 30. Oktober 2022 um 20:37

Hi Ted,
Great blog with great pictures!! Thanks for ploughing the paths for me
Ted Goslinga
Mittwoch, 2. November 2022 um 12:42

You’re welcome Angela!
Michaela Achatzi
Samstag, 22. Oktober 2022 um 18:18

A great tour Ted and a lot of fun with the group.

Looking from Sizilien
Ted Goslinga
Samstag, 22. Oktober 2022 um 23:41

Thanks Michaela and greetings to Albert!
Axel Schneider
Samstag, 22. Oktober 2022 um 16:12

Hey Mate - I wish you and your group a save tour and a lot of fun and greetings to the Van Man
Ted Goslinga
Samstag, 22. Oktober 2022 um 23:41

Thanks bud ! Will do


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