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Crete mountain Xtreme

Samstag, 29. Oktober 2022 | Jan Van der Jagt | Europa

Where it all starts: arrival in Heraklion

The view from our hotel sets the tone, gorgeous!!
After having done the welcome brieving and motorcycle handover we enjoyed a nice dinner with a view on the harbour of Heraklion

We can't wait! Our first riding day! From Heraklion to Agios Nicolaos

Ready for take off!
Meeting the locals. The complimentary feta and bread at the coffee stop was the best!
Kyle has gained the trust of the local dunky
And there they were, the famous windmills!
We're all good riders, who can ride on dry riverbeds
We all arrived save at our hotel in Agios Nikolaos and again we have a gorgeous view on the sea

2nd riding day: a loop to the east side of Crete

Another day in paradise
After a long and beautiful ride we arrived on the most eastern point of Crete with a well deserved dip in the sea
Loosing the boots and dive in!
When we were almost back at the hotel we were treated with this beautiful view! A cool breeze from the sea and the smell off pine trees
When we walked into town for dinner we saw what a lovely place Agios Nikolaos is
Natali found a bike that fits her

3rd riding day: From Agios Nikolaos to Mátala

There he is again, our friend the sun
Having coffee at a beach called paradise
And lunch, again at the sea, with Greek salade, fresh calamares and wonderful olive oil
The road going up into the mountains had countless hairpins. Arriving on top we saw vultures circling
How great is it, when you arrive at your destination and you can go for a swim in the sea and have some ice cold beers!
The caves at Mátala are quite special
The hippie bar too

4th riding day: from Mátala to Chania

The highlight of the day, Preveli beach
After swimming we enjoyed a double espresso and donut, sitting in the shade of palm trees
The boys were a bit heated after the walk back
Another highlight was the Aradena gorge
The road going up there was spectacular! With literally brand new tarmac, hence the big smiles
The view from our hotel, directly on the waterfront at the port of Chania

Rest day in Chania, and that means riding!

Goood morning Chania!
The main highlight of the day was a trip to Balos beach. One of the most beautiful beaches on Crete.
John, Scott and Kyle had a nice lay down in the sun

Last riding day; from Chania back to Heraklion

At lake Kournas, the only fresh water lake on Crete, we had coffee
What a ride we had, going into the mountains and visited the Arkadi monastery
Nice skull collection
Greek traffic jam


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Michael Göbel
Mittwoch, 26. Oktober 2022 um 19:14

Hi guys, hi Natalie,
seems you are having fun, enjoy the tour.

Sorry that I can't be with you.

Natali Rhines
Mittwoch, 26. Oktober 2022 um 23:06

Hey Michael! This tour is amazing! We miss you but Jan is wonderful and we couldn’t ask for a better guide for this tour! Hope to see you next year


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