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Vietnam Extreme 4VE2301

Dienstag, 14. Februar 2023 | Michael Göbel | Asien

Arrival in Hanoi

Everybody made it in time to the welcome briefing. 

Some stayed already some days in Hanoi. The city traffic is crazy! We had a great fancy lunch in an old french Villa and are ready to go for tomorrow. 

Riding day 1 - Hanoi - Ha Gian - 325 km

A great first riding day,  but challenging, A muddy 50 km of construction needed full concentration. The group was doing really well. Other surprises along the way like a harvesting festival were fun.

City chaos out of Hanoi was fun too.



Riding day 2 - Ha Giang - Dong Van - 170 km

Today we climbed the mountains,  several pass roads in breathtaking scenery made it a fun day. And we had some nice sidetrips to vietnamese villages and an old Hmong place.

Riding day 3 - Rest day loop Dong Van 130 km

We did not have much rest today, everybody wanted to ride. It was extreme! Extreme roads, extreme beautiful scenery and extreme fun. 

One bike had an oil leak, because the oil reservoir hit a stone, that caused some trouble, but in the end we could fix it.

Right at the border to China

Riding day 4 - Dong Van - Bao Lac 170 km

Today we were heading South. The first part to Bao Lac was easy, but the extra loop in the afternoon was challenging, narrow mountain roads, 18 hairpins in a row and at the end some muddy sections. 

It was a fabulous day and was doing great.

Riding day 5 - Bao Lac - Ban Gioc - 220 km

The morning ride along a river with great scenery was really fun. The highlight today was the mountain with a hole, what a beautiful spot.

And a lot of water buffallos along the road. Another wonderful day in Vietnam!

Riding day 6 - Ban Gioc - Lang Son - 210 km

Quite a relaxed riding day! In the morning we visited the famous and beautiful Ban Gioc Waterfall. Afterwards we were heading south along the Chinese border on curvey roads with good pavement. A special stop at a temple made the day complete.

Riding day 7 - Lang Son - Halong - 180 km

Today we were heading to the world famous Halong Bay for an overnight boat trip. The morning ride was nice and we boarded on the Dragon's Pearl cruiseship to explore the countless islands of Halong Bay. Stunning views, great food and the experience of a lifetime.

Riding day 8 - Halong - Hanoi - 170 km

The morning cruise through Halong Bay was just amazing. We even had some sunny moments and enjoyed it very much. In the afternoon we got back on our bikes and rode to Hanoi. The ride on a single lane concrete road along the Chao river was the highlight. Coming into Hanoi in rush hour was challenging and exciting. But the group did really well and nobody got lost.

Thanks to a great group with excellent riders. It was a lot of fun. Hopefully we will meet again on another Edelweiss Tour in the future.



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Donnerstag, 9. Februar 2023 um 21:22

Thanks for taking us with you on that great looking adventure!
Enjoy, having a good time...
Jodie Clarke
Dienstag, 7. Februar 2023 um 19:39

Hello Lisi, Leo, Petra & Jörg - and the whole group! The trip looks amazing - I am loving following your progress and the pictures each day. The riding looks VERY challenging and muddy - I hope it clears up for you. When I see the Edelweiss coffee stops - it makes me think of being back in Morocco with you guys! Very envious - drive safe and we will see you soon in Slovenia! Love, Jodie Clarke
Dienstag, 7. Februar 2023 um 01:56

Hello Michael,

wow, this road mutated quite a bit!

My best wishes to all of you and lots of fun!



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