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Pyrenäen Extrem 2301

Donnerstag, 1. Juni 2023 | Michael Göbel / Andreas Fetzer | Europa

Arrival in Castelldefels

The whole group made it in time for the welcome briefing in our start hotel in Castelldefels. Andreas and Willi from Germany did the guided city tour in Barcelona and we had a lot of fun. Visiting the famous Sagrada Familia was overvelming.

Great dinner!

1. Fahrtag Castelldefels - Avelanes

Let's start our engines!

A long first riding day with countless curves and beautiful scenery. Monserrat was one of the highlights and of course all the twisty mountain roads during the day. Our destination for tonight is an old monastery,  just great!

The group did really well and everybody enjoyed the first day very much. 


Ready to go!
On top of the Col de Boixols
Dinner in the Monastery-Hotel

2.Fahrtag Avelanes - Pamplona

What a day! It was a very long one because of a detour caused by road construction. All kind of roads from a spectacular goatpath in the morning to fast sweepers and a stretch of  highway in the afternoon. Great fun!

Perfect conditions for paragliding today!

3. Fahrtag Rasttag Pamplona

After that really long day yesterday I thought some riders want to rest today, but not this group. We started at 8 for a full and spectacular ride to San Sebastian and back. Thousands of curves, beautiful scenery and hardly any traffic. Motorcycle heaven! The whole group performed great. Congratulation! We just made it before it started raining, lucky. The extended bootbeer was fun!

4. Fahrtag Pamplona - Luz le Saveur

On our first part in Spain we met some pilgrims doing the Camino. The mountains in the afternoon got higher and higher and we crossed the border to France to do some Tour de France passes. Unfortunately one was closed and we had to turn arround. Another wonderful day. 

the "Cappucino-group" on St Pierre Pass
Scenic pee stop

5. Fahrtag Luz le Saveur - Tarascon

Today was the day of the passes,  10 in a row!

We started with the famous Tour de France Pass Col du Tourmalet and had a nice coffee stop in Arreau. 9 minor passes were following and all of them were great riding fun. We arrived early and had time for bootbeer and music. Another wonderful day in motorcycle paradise, the Pyrenees. 

Famous Col du Tourmalet
Where do we go: left or right??
Our Hotel for tonight
Tarascon sur Ariege in the evening

6. Fahrtag Tarascon - Macanet

The best riding day of the trip, countless curves, good pavement and great scenery. The highlight was the Collada de Toses, a stunning mountain pass with no traffic and excellent road conditions. 

7. Riding day Macanet - Castelldefels

Unfortunately our last riding day. It was really good one. Some rain in the afternoon, but we found shelter in a nice restaurant and had an extended lunch. One more great riding day in motorcycle paradise. 

Thanks to a great group with excellent riders and we hope to see you again....



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Jacqueline Bretell
Sonntag, 4. Juni 2023 um 20:33

Thank you Michael & Andreas for such a wonderful tour!
Michaela Achatzi
Freitag, 26. Mai 2023 um 20:57

Michaela Achatzi
Freitag, 26. Mai 2023 um 23:52

Hey Chris
Nice to see st the Pyrenees extrem
A lot of fun
Best Michaela


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