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BMW Days for BMW Uruquay

Samstag, 8. Juli 2023 | Michael Göbel | Europa

Our plan for the next 10 days!

Day 1 Arrival in Munic

The group made it to our start hotel in Munic and we did the welcome briefing. 

Everybody is excited about tomorrow and can't wait to start the tour.

Day 2 Munic - Seefeld

Today we visited the BMW Museum and the BMW Word in Munic with a great selection of bikes and cars and went to Seefeld to pick up our bikes. Tomorrow we start with the Bikes into the Alps!

Day 3 Seefeld - Livigno - 260 km

What a great first riding day in the alps. Twisty roads, no rain and spectacular views.  What else can you ask for?

Passo di Stelvio was definitely the highlight, 48 challenging hairpins on the way up. The group did really well an we enjoyed the breathing scenery from the top.

Livigno welcomes us with the fantastic hotel Lac Salin.


Day 4 Restday Livigno 200 km

Restday? What restday? This group wanted to ride!

We did 6 passes, the highlight Passo di Gavia a very scenic pass and great fun to ride. Everybody was happy. A perfect day in motorcycle paradise!

Day 5 Livigno - Warth 260 km

Again 6 passes today! One better than the other.

Ridingwise propabely the Furka Joch was the best one. We had so much fun! 

To mention: we did also 4 countries today! Italy,  Switzerland, Liechtenstein and Austria..

Day 6 Warth - Neuburg/Donau 290 km

Today we were heading north and left the Alps. On the way we had a look at the famous Neuschwanstein Castle and passed the Ammer Lake. The old town of Neuburg welcomes us with a beautiful historic hotel. 

Pepes birthday!

Day 7 Neuburg - Bamberg 250 km

Today we explored the northern part of Bavaria. Beautiful valleys, castles and sweepers. The weather was also great, we had our lunch in Beingries, while it was pouring down. After lunch the sun came out again....

Day 8 Bamberg - Leipzig 300 km

We continued north dirction Berlin, crossed the former border between West and East Germany and had some really nice roads through the Thüringer Wald. One last Stop in Naumburg with its famous cathedral. 

Day 9 Leipzig - Berlin 200 km

BMW Days Berlin we are coming....

We made it safe to Berlin. Thanks to a great group. See you again!



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