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The right thing at the right time - the Pyrenees in Sep 2011 (PYT1103)

Montag, 26. September 2011 | Edelweiss Bike Travel | Europa

Day 1

the sun had just risen over a beautiful mediterranean sea, when we started from the Playa in Sitges this morning to leave the sea behind us and dive into the Catalan back country heading straight towards the mountain range lying in front of us. Enjoying the curves from the first moment, we got a slight idea of what is awaiting us in the next days - like an appetizer for a delicious meal.

After paying a visit to La Morenata - catalunyas patron saint - climbing up the holy mountain Montserrat on this exciting little road

monasterio de Montserrat

we go down again heading for the next medieval waypoint:

Cardona with its impressing castle (11th and 14th century), inviting us to explore its corners and arches:

cornes and arches in the castle

Finally, passing by vinyards full of ripe grapes for the famous Catalan vines and champagnes, we anticipated the glass of Codorniu we had in the evening after arriving in Can Boix - one of the most attractive hotels in this area: situated in front of a beautiful rock formation:

Codorniu at Can Boix

Everybody's excited about tomorrows rest day ride and the first one-handed Edelweiß picnic -and excited to invite everbody at home to accompany us on our right trip at the right time.

Day 2

For all those who don't know what Can Boix (sprich: Kann boisch) is and what a beautful spot on earth this is:

our first restday hotel

first group leaving for the restday ride:

roads in excellent condition twisting and winding us uphill 2 passes today, 98% of the time out of traffic, splendid weather all day long, stunning views over the mountain ranges, big birds sailing in circles high up in the sky (some species of vulture and/or eagles), crowding as soon as they see a group of bikers come along (why!!??), - that's the Pyrenees as we love them.

And be aware that after each corner something like this might face you...

oncoming traffic!

...which happened to us today shortly before we reached our (3-handed) marvellous picnic on a spot high up on Coll de Cantó between Sort and Seu d'Urgell. For some of us the horses proved to be an almost ideal example of how to stick to your side of the road )

have a save ride!

A relaxed afternoon with the Catalan drink mentioned above gives us the chance to let all these impressions find their way into our memory as one more unforgettable day on our tour.

Day 3

off we go to France - goodbye Can Boix!

with this helmet we at least won't lose the tour guide...

off we go - on roads without traffic, in excellent state, scenery that gives you the feeling of "flying like an eagle":

After leaving the Spanish Pyrenees we cross the border to France after a shopping stop in Pas de la Casa - in winter one of the largere skiing areas, eventually going downhill to the French foothills heading for Carcassonne. The impressing view of the medieval castle ruling the countryside around it can be perceived from a long distance. and we can hardly imagine how it feels to get into this with our bikes.
Day 4
In this place - one of the most important castles of the Cathars (so called heredics in the 11th-13th centuries) the tour members have a hard time to decide if they spend the restday in Carcassonne having fun with ancient knights

or go on the restday ride passing Minerve and through the French Pyrenees' foothill country.

restday sightseeing stop Minerve

Both options are best choice - and in the evening everybody is happy again:

enjoying the evening in Carcassonne

Day 5

Goodbye Carcassonne - hello Mollo. Our ride back to the Spanish part of the Pyrenees leads us through Gorge de Galamus with its stunning :

via thousands of twists and turnes on small French roads finally being back on the excellent Spanish roads and rocks

In the Hotel Calixto in Mollo we enjoy the tranquillity after the touristic activities in Caracassone.

Day 6

today we leave the Pyrenees with their twists, horses and rocks and exchange them for one of the most beautiful coast roads - the Costa Brava between Sant Feliú and Lloret, heading for our last evening in Sitges and the inevitable "Good Bye" - which we celebrate as a last dinner in the hotel.

our van on the way to new adventures

It was such a wonderful ride with a wonderful group and wonderful weather - as we say in Germany:

"when angels travel the sky keeps smiling"

Thanks to everybody and looking forward to seeing you on one of the next Edelweiß tours!



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Montag, 3. Oktober 2011 um 11:45

Hi All,
I created a Facebook account.
Name: Edelweiss
Last Name: Pyrenees
Login: pyt1103@hotmail.com
Password: worldtourer
I am slowly uploading the +1800 pictures I have and the videos.
Had a great time, very glad to have met you all.
Daniel M.
Brendt & Sandra
Sonntag, 2. Oktober 2011 um 16:26

What an awesome trip! We enjoyed every minute of it! Great people, great views, great vacation! Thank you, everyone!


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