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Best of Europe, Switzerland!(BOE 1104)

Sonntag, 2. Oktober 2011 | Jens Ruprecht | Europa

Hi guys out there,

right now we are somewhere in France, our little village is just beautiful, it is called Ribeauville...

Look what we have seen so far:

We met last wednesday in Munich Germany, got our motorcycles, met all the tourmembers of our very international group! We got people from Taiwan, Brasil, Chile, USA and Canada, our Tourguides are from Germany and Austria - what a great Mix!!!

Day 1 Munich to Rothenburg

First of all I have to say the weather forecast is incredible: Sunshine of heat - we have end of september - great, or???

Here on the way to Rothenburg...

Lunch at Eichstätt

Great weather, or???

Day 2 Rothenburg - Heidelberg

Have a look, Rothenburg is beautiful!!!

oooops, sorry - that´s not Rothenburg, but  beautiful anyway...

On the way to Heidelberg:

Here are some of our friends from TAIWAN... good riders!!!

and some people from Brasil!

some of our girls!!!

Here at the monastery of Schöntal...

and a little later our great picnic at the Jagst river, prepared by Georg!!!

Somewhere at the Neckar river...

Tricia and Stan, here in front of Hirschhorn Castle

Our hotel in Heidelberg, built in 1592 - incredible, or???

Day 3 Heidelberg - Ribeauville/France

After a relaxing night in Heidelberg we continued South, direct into the Black forest. Here are some impressions:

preparing for the curvy roads...

Kuckoo Clocks are great!!!

Look, some locals...

Harley friends on the road!

nice scenery, look - local beer trinkers...

Prost - enjoy your stay in Germany!!!

finally we made it to France...

Day 4 Restday Ribeauville

A restday is called a rest day, because we are not changing the hotel. But of course we offer a ride: Today we are riding on the great roads in the Alsace region - let´s go!!!

somewhere in Ribeauville, next to our hotel...

Our Brasilians...

Café in Colmar, lot of Bikes around...

Ducati Multistrada - John likes it a lot!!!

after our lunch at the restday... we are all ready for a Siesta...

Some impressions of the area:

Day 5 Ribeauville/France - Schaffhausen/Switzerland

Today we left France, crossed the Rhine river again into Germany, played around for a couple of hours in the Black Forest and finally we finished in Schaffhausen, Switzerland, famous for the so called "Rhine Falls".

Have a look:

Our new friends from Taiwan, somewhere on the road...

On the way through the Black Forest:


maybe the best cake in the world... Black forest cake!

Picknick at Schluchsee... Georg is a great cook!

The "Rheinfall" at Schaffhausen, Switzerland

Day 6  Schaffhausen/Switzerland - Warth/Austria

Riding the Alps is something really special. If you are in Europe - you have to do it! We will show you some nice pass roads today and tomorrow - after this trip it is up to you to come back for a serious Alpine Tour....

At the so called "Säntis", look at the cable car - let´s get to the top!

Welcome to the Alps!!!

Our friends from Brasil - finally in Austria!

Great Riding!

The "Weapon" - perfect bike for the Switchbacks... but they made it!

Georg our Cameraman...

Day 7 Warth/Austria - Munich/Germany

Leaving our hotel early in the morning, down to Reutte and then a little further we stopped by at the beautiful castle Linderhof, have a look:

here at lake "Plansee"

quite nice for a little hunting house, what do you think??? King Ludwig knew how to live, or?

After this visit we rode back to Munich - somewhere on the way we had a last "Weisswurst mit süssem Senf" before we returned to our starting point in Erding.

After a wonderful week with an incredible weather I really have to say that we had a great time!!! Thanks to all of you and we hope to see you again!!!

Jens, Siggi and Georg



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Nelci & Heitor
Samstag, 29. Oktober 2011 um 02:05

Without distinction of countries, races, languages.
United in a common passion, the motorcycle.
During the days we were together we share many emotions, experiences and breath taking landscapes.
It was a pleasure to meet you, our friends Edelweiss.
Until next time.
Brian Norrie
Mittwoch, 26. Oktober 2011 um 04:09

Awesome trip and awesome folks! Some great memories....
Gary Peruzzini
Dienstag, 25. Oktober 2011 um 20:40

The sights were incredible and the people were kind. Jens and Siggi were experts and Georg worked too hard on the bags and picnics. Way beyond my expectations!
Ray and Theresa Silva
Dienstag, 18. Oktober 2011 um 17:24

What a trip of a lifetime! We had a fantastic time. We are still talking about it almost daily, remembering the endless twisty roads and beautiful scenery. It will be hard to ride here back at home on our same old boring roads. We're already talking about our next trip...
Ray and Theresa Silva
Dienstag, 18. Oktober 2011 um 17:29

P.S. Jens, Siggi and Georg totally spoiled us. Jens, can you still hear Ray scraping his floor boards?
Donna Torche
Freitag, 7. Oktober 2011 um 12:02

What a wonderful vacation we had on the Best of Europe -- good food, great weather, and 26 new riding friends from all over the world -- Brazil, Canada, Chile, Germany, Spain, Taiwan, and the U.S.A.!!!
Lorenz Chen
Mittwoch, 12. Oktober 2011 um 07:47

Hello! This is Lorenz from Taiwan and I really do enjoy riding with you!
This is my first time visit to Europe, and I totally fell in love with Europe.
see you soon


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