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Santiago de Chile is great

Donnerstag, 10. Februar 2011 | Bestellung Gutschein | Die Welttour

Villarica is one of the greatest volcanoes on earth – it is a beautiful mountain and it is very active. We could not help but walking up there in spite of the fact that we didn’t make all the top it was a fantastic experience that we had in the lake district of Chile.

Erwin and Bärbel Kellendonk are waiting impatiently for their BMW to be returned from the BMW dealership in Santiago/Chile with new tyres and ready to go for the next 10000 miles.

During our rest day in Santiago/Chile some of us went up to the sky area Valle Nevado. It’s between 3000-4000 meters and a fantastic motorcycle road with 58 switchbacks up there. In addition to that even in that incredible height there are cactus plants growing left and right of the roads.

Valparaiso is the see sight for people in Santiago de Chile. So we couldn’t keep back from riding to Vallparaiso under the famous leadership of Tadeusz – he used to work here so he told us all about the harbour and he told us all about going swimming in Villa Mar. 



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Klaus Eberlein
Samstag, 12. Februar 2011 um 19:06

Hi world tour riders !
Nice to hear from you in the newsletter. Still everything fine ? As you change already some tyres - how about your backsides ? Good luck you do not have to change them - it might be a problem with the right size ! HiHi !
Watch where you are driving about - the other group (down in Patagonia - might follow you !
Good luck, much fun and good health to everyone !
In thoughts I am with you !
Klaus from Imst/Tirol


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