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TOUR OF TUSCANY - BIT1201 - finished

Samstag, 19. Mai 2012 | RAY | Europa

Waiting for tour members

Truck and Motorcycles are ready for rumble

Riding Day 1 - Florence to Siena

Hopefully the weather has no surprises for us...

Just in case the luggage will be arrive dry in Siena...

Drivers Briefing and History lesson!

Last preparation...

No comment

Let´s go! Check out the first day in Chianti Region

10 Minutes bevore the Rain starts the group arrive at the Hotel in Siena

second Day - Rest Day but normaly also some riding... except rain

09:00 still raining

13:00 rain stoped

the hole team is on sightseeing in Siena...

Fast back to the bikes - some food

some mantainance

and hit the road

some sightseeing

some sport

some breaks

a great Day!

Day 3 - Siena to Assisi

start with sunshine

thank good, I bought my rain suit in Florene!

a once in a life-time picnic - what should we do without a sunbrella in the rain?

please let this be Assisi?

magnificent - even in the rain

Day 4 - Fog, Fog, Fog and Fog

means time for sightseeing

right in time for dinner - sun is coming out

Day 5 - No fog in the morning!

getting used to the equipment

ready for riding

perfect harmony

we made it San Marino! 1.000.000 or more curves

Time for relax

Day 6 - To the Sea

all about Valentino (46)

Day 7 - last Day - Back to Florenz - rain again

but we don´t care

time for advertising

and some curves

... thanks for following hope to see you soon



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Sonntag, 27. Mai 2012 um 23:45

Hi iceman, hi bumblebee
How is Florence?? We made it home and I am already missing you.
Take care enjoy Paris and London and thanks for a good week
Mittwoch, 23. Mai 2012 um 17:18

Dear "arth" & "Bumblebee"
Hope the sun starts shining for you and the rest of your group. Looks like you are having a wonderful trip despite the rain -- loved the photo of the al fresco picnic under the sun umbrella used to keep you dry. With all those churches, you should be praying for better weather!
Envious in West Vancouver,


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