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Under the tuscan sun we got a hard night in Urbino (4IT1201)

Montag, 28. Mai 2012 | Alan Magnoni | Europa

Today  5 riders from different areas with different expectations for this Tuscany tour met in Florence! We had a short briefing to learn how to get along on this tour and a nice glass of wine before dinner! Tomorrow first riding day towards the famous region of Chianti, the beautiful city of Siena, the gorgeous region of Montepulciano to our final destination Perugia.

More photos and info’s during the next days – meanwhile we hope for good weather …

Good night from Florence.

Welcome Briefing

Andrès and Ricardo from Argentina

Dave from Coeur d'alene, US

Clark from Spokane, US

AND: Michele from Casselberry

And so good weather we got! Check out our first riding day!

We wanna film it!! Ricardo and Andres

Dave in the Chianti region

Coffee stop in Castellina di Chianti

Playground for Argentina

"The Campo" in Siena

"Who gets the better photo?"

Same competition but outside of San Gimignano

Michele in the piazza of San Gimignano

Thumbs up for Andrès

Dinner in Perugia

Good night from Perugia

Birthday boy Andrès with his present!

Congratulation to your 29th birthday!!!

Parco Nazionale dei Monti Sibillini

... buon appetito ...


Group photo is part 2

"but please now it's enough with photo's" - part 3

just outside of Assisi

italian parking style ...

Clark in Cortona ...

 ... Michele "Under the tuscan sun" ...

Birthday boy Andrès and the girls from Urbino - loooong night ....

and more then just a few ladies ...

but there was another gigolo on the road as well ...

Dave with the students from Urbino

He was thinking about to finish University in Urbino ...

And he was thinking to go back to University ....

Thanks Andrès and Dave for the great night!!

in San Marino today

at lunch in Gabicce Mare! And remember, no cheese on the pasta with fish ....

in Tavullia, hometown of ...

...Valentino Rossi. Same riding style like Ricardo ...

Partyboy Dave with Michele and Valentino

Ciao ciao from bella Italia




Einen Kommentar hinzufügen Diesen Beitrag bewerten
Ursula Peter
Sonntag, 3. Juni 2012 um 21:25

Ok Alan, as you have exceeded the wildest imaginations I don`t wanna know what was going on there in Urbino.....
See you soon sunnyboy
Dienstag, 5. Juni 2012 um 19:40

aaahhh ursula .....
Samstag, 2. Juni 2012 um 19:44

This trip has been amazing!!!!! So grateful for my new friends and our wonderful guide Alan! This has exceeded my wildest imagination! I'll be back again!
Dienstag, 5. Juni 2012 um 19:42

It was a pleasure for me too!!! awesome trip!!
let me know when you'll be back in rome for the next tour ....
ciao ciao
(and remember the spaghetti with fish without .... yup!)
Freitag, 1. Juni 2012 um 22:32

a really good tour I mean! A lot of tuscan sun, delicious food (I'm really looking forward for that!), beautiful women, flowers everywhere you look , riding everyday through this amazing scenery ... combined with 6 different interesting riders. So what do you want more for a week in Tuscany?
Katharina Peter
Freitag, 1. Juni 2012 um 21:43

looks like the girls in Urbino were quite a big highlight!!Alan, only the eyes are looking...
Dienstag, 5. Juni 2012 um 19:38

True! you do know me ... i just watch and take some photos ... everything else is tabooooo!
ciao from bella italia
alan rehm
Dienstag, 5. Juni 2012 um 20:32

I'll have to be sure to put this tour on my future tour list. Looks like some great late nights!
alan rehm
Freitag, 1. Juni 2012 um 20:56

Looks like everyone is having a great time!!
Donnerstag, 31. Mai 2012 um 19:34

What a wonderful experience. Looks like your having a great time. What an interesting group to ride with and enjoy the beautiful scenery.
Donnerstag, 31. Mai 2012 um 19:36

My daughter Michele was on the trip and I was replying to the great pictures she sent us.
Dienstag, 29. Mai 2012 um 22:15

Wish you all good riding under the tuscan sun. Mind the earthquakes
Have fun


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