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First EBT-Tour of the Pyrenees 2012

Donnerstag, 14. Juni 2012 | Edelweiss Bike Travel | Europa

Day 4: another restday - now in France

pics to come by the end of the day...

Day 3: Peramola - Carcassonne:

we stay in the midst of this medieval castle which was the center of the Cathars movement in the middle ages:

in the garden of the hotel:

Day 2: Peramola restday

starting out from our hotel Can Boix:

heading for our restday adventure:

twisties, switchbacks, small clean roads with excellent grip, no traffic makes happy bikers:

our restday lunch before being cooked á la Catalana:

our tour member Joel Larson (drummer of the rock band Grassroots) wearing one of the famous Edelweiß T-Shirts...

Day 1: Castelldefels - Peramola

the tour guides:

the bikes:

the van man Mike:

and Sandy (tour member)

ready for take off??

Pirinees we're coming...

leaving the Spanish holiday ressort (lovely beach just in front of the hotel) we enter the foothills of the Pirinees

having our first sightseeing stop at the monastery of Monistrol, Montserrat (Catalunyas holy mountain).

before June 16th - Preparation days:

everybody's getting ready for our adventure in Catalunya and France and looking forward to a beautiful landscape, great roads, powerful bikes and interesting people.

We Edelweiß-tour guides are looking forward to our tour members and to a wonderful time we’ll spend together. And we invite their families and friends to accompany us reading this blog and thus sharing a great trip with us.



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