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Norway Touring Center 1 - NTC1201

Dienstag, 17. Juli 2012 | Manuel Marabese | Europa

DAY 3: Trollstigen

After a low-key and gray morning that was trying to scare us with a bit of rain we had a fantastic ride, mostly in the sun! Cruising along the coast in the morning, then facing the 1000m tall rock wall that hides the homeland of the Trolls. The view from atop was breathtaking, and incredibly clear with no fog, clouds, rain or whatsoever that could have tried to ruin a spectacular highlight...

Here are some pictures of the day:


DAY 1 &  DAY 2: Atlantic Road & Runde bird island

Welcome to Ålesund, in wester Norway, the homeland of stunning fjords!

Here we are, for another Norwegian tour! A group of very loyal Edelweiss friends has decided to gather for a motorcycle tour in Norway, as a compromise between their wishes: each of them wanted to ride in a different place, and Norway has been chosen as "neutral territory". We are talking about Georg (Germany), Jeff (US, beloved country by Norwegians, as we had the chance to discover during the weekend), Glen (Canada), Blake (California)... in good company of our "office Karin" in riding gears, Marina from Austria and the new entry Ray, from South Africa. I (Manuel, Italy) am leading this tour, as well as all the other scandinavians rides for this year...

We had a decent weather on the first day and we hit the Atlantic road, staying dry all day long, quite a good result

Let's start with a ferry ride...

And some Norwegian coastal landscape...

The Atlantic Road is one of the 18 "tourist roads" of this amazing country: just 8km long but enough to be named most scenic road in 2006 by the Guardian, 8 bridges across the ocean connecting 17 islands... one of them particularly famous for its unique curvy shape, giving a perspective illusion of terminating in the air as a jump ramp...

The second day we decided to go for a shorter ride, as the weather looks a bit bad... time to head to Runde, the bird islands!

Yes.. another ferry... and, surprise, on the next shore a bit of sun is shining trough the dark clouds!

Getting ready to sail on the fisherman boat with our hilarious captain Bjørn! Happy to start the boat tour, aren't we?

The second part of the day is a bit more rainy... strange. The forecast said rather the opposite but we are afraid that the clouds did not check the forecast properly. Anyway... we had some more time to relax by the comfy couch of the hotel, where the team was already preparing the next trip! So, Greece, Adriatic Rollercoaster or New Zealand? Who is gonna win? We kinda know it already...

A typical Norwegian meal (pizza) filled up our hunger and just before going to sleep the sky gives us this fantastic sunlit harbour as a good night wish... See you tomorrow.. Geiranger or Trollstigen?



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marco sambin
Donnerstag, 2. August 2012 um 20:34

I have enjoyed the same roads in 2009 from Italy to NK throught Germany, Poland,baltic repubblics, Finland and back from Norway ,Denmark and Germany once more(11600kmt,21 days). It was been asthonishing! Next week I will be back from Oslo to NK round trip but this time not with the bike but with wife and car due to the tendon rupture,Happy to meet some of you if happens here or in Edelweiss Thailand scouting tour in november.Good road, lamps Marco
Ray Lécolle-Brown
Dienstag, 31. Juli 2012 um 18:09

A really great tour (my first with Edelweiss) and a memorable one especially since I travelled 1200kms to Alesund from Oslo after hiring a KTM990 Adventure in Germany and rode it through Norway to meet the tour kick-off point. To Manuel and Karin: especial thanks for perfect arrangements. To my fellow riders: thanks for putting up with a 67 year old who is used to travelling 150km/hr on straight roads in South Africa and not a 80km/hour upper speed limit in Norway. The hairpin bends in Norway, however, did manage to slow me down dramatically but I picked up the rhythm towards the end. Chuckled at Glen's comments on Georg being a prospective tour leader for future tours! Look at this link on Trollstigen (filmed in 2007) of bikers ascending. See: http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=h4NVdUgSbWQ
jeff kagey
Freitag, 27. Juli 2012 um 17:13

hello my gang of norway travelers .... I cant say enough about what a great time I had in norway with all of you ... thanks again schnuckieputsie for the invite ... again edelweiss did not disappoint ... my 9th tour ... glad to see thomas you are on the mend ... manuel .... GOOD JOB ! jeff cfa .... good thing noooo water crossings for me
Aigars (also "KGB agent":)
Dienstag, 24. Juli 2012 um 12:17

Cheers, Georg&Lot of Fun! So, under these conditions I just cannot escape, you made an offer very encouraging. That's the plan, lets book. Karin, its OK!
Montag, 30. Juli 2012 um 14:59

I already noticed your booking coming through our website Aigars and AM VERY LOOKING forward riding with you next year.
Take care,
Georg Erhard
Dienstag, 24. Juli 2012 um 11:36

The Tour was nice again although the weather was much better when I did this tour in 2006. The group was fantastic. We had a lot of fun.
Hallo Aigars, my favorite KGB officer, come with us on the adriatic roller coaster tour on 07-14. September 2013. From your home it is just around the corner.
Blake, Glenn, Jeff and me booked already under the condition that Schnuckiputzi is also participating. Maybe, Marina will partipate also. She is running a hotel in Austria and drives her bike like a toy.
The plan is, that I pick up the other guys on the airport in Munich. I will go with my own bike and the car is big enough to pick you up also. Than we drive to Marina's hotel. The next morning we go to Mieming (the EDELWEiSS headquarter) and pick up the bikes. Than we go to Klagenfurt, the start of the tour. After the regular tour we extend 3 days and make tours by ourselves through the mountains using Marina's hotel as our touring center. Do not hesitate to come with us.
That means, arriving at Munich one day earlier and leaving Munich three days later as stated in the catalog.
Many greetings from Bremen, the partnertown of Riga
Donnerstag, 26. Juli 2012 um 18:35

Hi Georg, Jeff, Glen, good to see you had a great time in Norway. And Croatia next year in September, you got it all figured out! Seems to me Georg is your new tour guide; you think you need somebody to take care of your luggage...? ))
Cheers and hope to see you soon!
Freitag, 27. Juli 2012 um 19:34

Hello Thomas, good to hear from you. We had a great trip to Norway. You asked me about going on a trip with Georg as tour guide: this is how I would see it going....First you would have to become a bloody F---ing something. I am a "bloody f---ing Canadian".
Jeff is a bloody f---ing American (ouch). Blake is a bloody f---ing super cop. Manuel is a bloody f---ing rainmaker. Karen is bloody f---ing cute. We would join for breakfast at 7 a.m. to have eggs from the "the fat lady who cannot cook, she is stupid". Then our briefing at 7:47 a.m. to see if there is rain in the forecast for the next 40 days...should we try it? He will decided yes, then we peacfully drive down the road and into a small town. Georg leading with a small car ahead. Then on comes the siren that would scare every man, woman and child for a kilometre around, only to have them pull over as we drive slowly up the hill. Then it would be coffee break and for us to hear Georg saying "Oh how beautiful I am". After our day of drive he would have picked a hotel where he could sit with one leg out of the doorway and one inside the door so he could drink his double scotch inside and smoke outside. This is all to be considered but I think we need Manuel for a second tour guide/ security as he very bravely saved me from those friendly girls, a true team player.
So would I go on this trip? ABSOLUTELY!!!! Sign me up you grumpy old f---er.
Cheers to you Georg.
Thomas you should come too and we will all go like Georg, with no change of clothes.
Montag, 30. Juli 2012 um 14:59

I am still laughing...
Mittwoch, 25. Juli 2012 um 15:13

Hey Mausebär - schön von dir zu hören! Hoffe du bist noch gut nach Hause gekommen ich vermiss euch schon ganz doll!
Schöne Grüße,
Aigars (also "KGB agent":)
Montag, 23. Juli 2012 um 13:27

Sounds like a plan! Just had a look...uff..its a long way to wait! Wanna do some inbetween
Take care!
Dienstag, 24. Juli 2012 um 10:13

Well, I think this is something we can make happen. Just name where you want to ride and I'll let you know the best tour.
Aigars (also "KGB agent":)
Montag, 23. Juli 2012 um 09:15

Nice to see Karin, Georg and Blake again
Wish you have no raindrops (wishful thinking) and nice road ahead!
Montag, 23. Juli 2012 um 11:48

Thank you Aigars, indeed it was nice roads and only a few drops. We missed you on this tour and hope you'll be part of our group again someday. As for Blake, George and Me we will do the Adriatic Rollercoaster tour next year. If you like to join just drop me a note.
Take care, Karin


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