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See you again, Lissabon

Mittwoch, 23. März 2011 | Markus Hellrigl | Europa

After a very remote place like San Diago de Cacem everybody was looking forward to the booming life in Lisbon. A good riding day on a variation of twisty and strait roads brought us to Troia where the ferry left for Setubal. Overlooking the city from the fortress like the knights we enjoyed lunch. Cabo Espichel, the almost most western point of mainland Europe impressed with sheer dropoffs, almost a 600 feet high. Getting closer to Lisbon we took the ferry instead of the bridge and explored the town on our way to the hotel. The night ended with a party at the Hard Rock Cafe ( a Chevy is hanging from the ceiling!!!!). Today we explored town, did see a lot of sights decided that Lisbon would be worth longer to stay



Cabo Sao Vicente


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