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Slovenia, Croatia and Bosnia Tour SPT1218. Samba in the Adriatic Sea?

Dienstag, 21. August 2012 | Edelweiss Bike Travel | Europa

Hello everyone!

Great adventure of this group of 10 Brazilians, determined to enjoy the wonders of the Adriatic Sea, its people and landscapes.

Welcome Breafing to know the details of the tour.

To clear his head of jet-lag, nothing better to start with a day walking around the beautiful city of Ljubljana, capital of Slovenia.

Dinner was great, in a restaurant hidden in the alleys of the old town. Traditional food and good wine ... what more can we ask for?

At night, the city is almost more beautiful than the day.

Tomorrow is the first day with the bikes on the road, so to sleep early.

Dry fun and wet fun... I think that the Samba Team enjoy the Tour!

But sometimes, the road disapier...

Dubrovnik say welcome to brasileiros... "DOBRODOSLI"!!!!

And goodbay soo soon...

Going into Bosnia, the country of the bridges.

Mostar is soo diferent, but soo nice. The food is Mediterranean.

Sunset after a walk into the oldtown. Breathtaking...

And the Old Bridge, a simbol of the city and of the coltures into Mostar.

After the visit to Bosnia, we came back to the coast... and the perfect weather of Split.

The road to next stop, was great. And like always the group enjoy it a lot.

Surprise! the fire was arround us... the planes are too close !

No doubt, we are in Croatia.

Into the Castle of Knin. Just 3 men on top! the rest... drinking a lot of water down the steps...

On the road again.

Fast stop to take pictures with the tanks.

Time to refuel the bikes? and for an icecream... and for a Coke... and...

Just on time to visit the National Park of Plitvice Lakes. We are into a fairy tale...

But, they are always thinking on bikes... like the childs!

All the Brazil Team, with the T-Shirt of their tour.

See you next year!



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David Jair
Montag, 27. August 2012 um 16:42

Viagem espetacular, tirando o calor o resto esta perfeito.
Os companheiros, as paisagens o roteiro, simplesmente fantástico.
Aguardamos o novo dia para continuemos rodando.


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