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4CI2204-Ein neuer Winter = Ein neuer Fahrspaß auf den Kanaren

25. November 2022

The central mountains of Gran Canaria

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ATS 2203 Andalusia Tour

18. November 2022

Day 7: Ronda to Málaga - Rain Rain and a little less Rain and of curse when you arrive it is sunny

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Christopher Columbus Tour - CCC 2203

12. November 2022

Andalusias small backroads

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Von Rom nach Sizilien (RTS2204)

7. November 2022

Areviderci, Italia!!

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UPA 2203 - Andalusia unpaved

5. November 2022

Bienvenido a Andalucía! A week of enduro riding is waiting for us. The unique Andalusian landscape impresses us from the very beginning. The Torcal National Park, with its bizarre rock formations, and the Chorro Canyon are just some of the highlights of this trip. In ...

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Crete mountain Xtreme

29. Oktober 2022

The view from our hotel sets the tone, gorgeous!!

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Southern Spain Extreme 2202

28. Oktober 2022

Day 1 - Arrival in Malaga 

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Fahrakademie Andalusien Nr.3

28. Oktober 2022

Velefique - one of many

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Alpen Fahrakademie Nr.10

27. Oktober 2022

the last one in 2022, but with spectacular scenes

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Sicily to Rome RTS2203

26. Oktober 2022

we say thank you to Jordan, Albert, Tom ,Brain , Julie, Martin, Cathy, Toni, Tracy and Dick.  It was a pleasure for us to spend an unforgettable time with you in the beautiful south of Italy. We meet again Your Tourguides Michaela and Thomas

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26. Oktober 2022

…bike's arrived in Barcelona

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From Croatia to Greece

22. Oktober 2022

The bikes are ready for departure!

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BOG 2202 Best Of Greece

21. Oktober 2022

Day 13: Nafplio to Athen our last Day of the Tour

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Mediterranean Alps Extreme 220B

19. Oktober 2022

Day 1 - Arrival in Vence 

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