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Alps and Lakes CAL2204

3. September 2022

A group picture with the legendary Helmut from Kaprun 

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Touring Center Austria

2. September 2022

Welcome to the Touring Center Austria, at lake Wörthersee , here in Velden, the Monaco of the Austrian Riviera (). Our guests arrived from Australia and USA are alllready familiar with European roads so we are looking foward to get our first KMs on our bikes. Excellent ...

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Best of Europe (BOE2204)

30. August 2022

Loads of fun, extraordinary landscape, scenic medevial places, hidden treasure, delicoius dishes, wonderful weather, 5european countries - and the most endearing group of guests, you can imagine: that was the Best Of Europe from August 19th to the 27th!

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AMA Alps Challenge (Part1)

27. August 2022

… our farrewell dinner … back in Erding … we have had wonderful riding days … a dream come true …

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Alps Extreme 2204

20. August 2022

Day 1 Arrival im Mieming 

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The 1. Eastern European Delights after three years

18. August 2022

The swepper Gang

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Im Land der Wikinger ist unterwegs von Ålesund nach Oslo, CVE2202

15. August 2022

The Viking Experience takes us from Ålesund, through the fjord landscape of the Norwegin west coast, befor we cross over to Oslo. This time we are doing the tour in cooperation with Motorcycle Mojo Magazin. 

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TOURING CENTER ALPS - motorcycling at its finest

12. August 2022

TOURING CENTER ALPS Motorcycling at it's finest

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Custom TC Dolomites - SPT22030

12. August 2022

Bye, bye Lago di Garda.

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NTC2203 Touring Center Norway - The Third

11. August 2022

The thrid Touring Center of Norway took place last week. A really diverse mixture of nationalities had found together in Ålesund to ride some of the most famous motorcycle sights in Norway. We had riders from Dubai, from Turkey, from Ireland, from the USA, and from Germany ...

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3FI2202 adventure Iceland, beauty, fire and ice

9. August 2022

a great adventure ist waiting for us

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Grand Alps Tour CGA2201 - The real one ;-)

9. August 2022

Our inglorious 4 riders, that get to ride this beautiful Grand Alps Tour with the best mountain passes ever - anywhere.

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The Grand Alps Tour is on again! - CGA220A

3. August 2022

Welcome on the blog of the first Grand Alps Tour of this year with Edelweiss Bike Travel. We will travel through the most beautiful places and over the most awesome passes in the Austrian, Swiss, Italian and French alps and Dolomites. Along the sweetest and romantic lakes ...

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Best of Europe

2. August 2022

Next Day was our last riding Day! We stoped for Coffee by the Lake "Plansee" not far to the Castle "Linderhof" - one of "King Ludwigs" (the fairy tale King of Bavaria) Castles! The Tour ended - with another stopover - in the "Biergarden" of the Aying-Brewery! ...

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