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The Secrets of Japan CJA2301

22. April 2023

Rainbow Bridge

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MCT 2301 Marokko Tour

26. März 2023

Day 9: Boulman Dades to Merzouga / Erg Chebbi

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ADO2301 Abenteuer Dubai & Oman

20. Februar 2023

Hello and welcome back to Dubai. Or as the local's would say - Ahlan-we sahlan. I am very happy that our last year's scouting tour of the Emirates and the neighbouring Oman has now officially become an integral part of the Edelweiss tour programme. Tour guide Angela arrived a day ...

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Marokkotour die 2.

20. November 2022

Good Morning in Malaga

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CJA2202 The Secrets of Japan

15. Oktober 2022

Good morning from Japan to all you motorcycle riders out there!  I have a question for you to begin with: When do you think you know how much you were missing something? Well, the answer to this question is: Once you are back to where you haven't ...

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HAT220A High Alpine Tour

11. September 2022

Today we started the HAT for 9 intrepid adventurers from Canada. Long planned and now finally the time has come.  We make our way from Erding to Lienz. But not just like that, but over the most beautiful roads in the best weather. First we visit ...

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Im Land der Wikinger ist unterwegs von Ålesund nach Oslo, CVE2202

15. August 2022

The Viking Experience takes us from Ålesund, through the fjord landscape of the Norwegin west coast, befor we cross over to Oslo. This time we are doing the tour in cooperation with Motorcycle Mojo Magazin. 

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NTC2203 Touring Center Norway - The Third

11. August 2022

The thrid Touring Center of Norway took place last week. A really diverse mixture of nationalities had found together in Ålesund to ride some of the most famous motorcycle sights in Norway. We had riders from Dubai, from Turkey, from Ireland, from the USA, and from Germany ...

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Adventure North Cape ANC2201 - erstmals seit 2019

27. Juli 2022

Edelweiss Bike Travel ist zurück in Norwegen und das erste Abenteuer Nordkap seit 2019 ist unterwegs. Eine große Gruppe von 20 Gästen schaffte es trotz einiger Flugprobleme rechtzeitig nach Ålesund. Heute Morgen startete die Gruppe bei typischen Sommerbedingungen an der Westküste – grauer Himmel und etwas ...

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NTC2202 Touring Center Norway

14. Juli 2022

Another Touring Center Norway has started out a couple of days ago. A group of South Korean riders, and a rider each from Austria, Germany and the USA have found together to get to ride in Norway's most beautiful areas around the city of Ålesund. Every ...

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SPT22056 Tour de Trepat BMW to the BMW Motorrad Days Berlin

29. Juni 2022

Once again a fun group met at Erding for what surely will be a mesmerizable and unforgettable riding experience. At 4:30pm the group came together for their first Edelweiss experience at the Kastanienhof in Erding. The riders received their bike keys, mainly BMWs of course, as ...

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CBS2201 St. James Way: Tapas, Peaks and Turns

17. Juni 2022

Byebye Soria, a nice place to stay but another beautifull place ,Pamplona, ist waiting for us, inbetween thousends of curves, and turns. Our day starts with a nice Ride throuh the "Reserva Nacional de Cameros" a beautifull peace of Nature, into the famous wine farming area "Rijoa" ...

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BOI2202 Best of Italy - the second

23. Mai 2022

Patricia and John from the USA have arrived in Italy a few days ahead of the start of our Best of Italy tour. They are both pretty tough as they walked the city of Rome already 2 days before. And since they had seen many sights already, ...

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Ducati Cordoba in Italy SPT22012

9. Mai 2022

The tour guides Julia and Angela welcome the Argentinian Ducatistas in Rome. A group of twelve lively Argentinians from Cordoba have taken the leap over the big pond to ride Ducatis only in Italy. How much better can it get?

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